60 More Days!!!!!

Our taxi driver is married to the immigration officer we needed to see to renew our visa! We actual first went to the wrong office ( cruise ship terminal). We had parked our rental in a car park and was standing outside the immigration office( the wrong office for visa renewal) trying to decide if we should walk or take our rental to the proper office. A taxi pulled up and asked if we wanted a ride. Figuring it would be simpler to catch a taxi to the downtown immigration office instead of driving we accepted. When we explained to the taxi driver what we needed he chuckled and said, you need to see my wife!  Wow! What a God moment. Our driver whisked us up to the third floor ( visa renewal), introduced us to his wife who got our paperwork all sorted, and our driver even waited for us. Everyone was so nice and polite and the best part is we got a 60 day renewal!!! We love the Bahamas!


Nassau was much nicer then we expected. Very safe and clean.

Beautiful statue with plaque in honor of the Bahamian Woman. Very cool.

The Bohamian Woman statue.


I spy street art!

Lunch at The Poop Deck. Unfortunate name, delicious food :-)

We took the scenic route to and from Nassau.

Heading out of Green Cay to New Providence to Renew Our Visa

Second to last morning at Green Cay


Stormy weather

Very cool Rainbow

The Rainbow started to fade…

Brian is making pizza!



I leave the solar lights on right over the water. It attracts misquotes, fish, and cool squids. The squids were flashing their “lights”, it seemed they were coordinating an attack on the little fishes eating the mosquitos. The blob in the middle is a squid, all the neon blue flecks are fish. Brian came out and looked at me as I was peeking over the stern at all the cool nighttime action and called me a nerd :-). I took this picture with my Pentax. I’m going to try to mount my underwater camera next time. My camera has a remote, so I can hopefully get some better night time pictures.

 Heading out to New Providence to renew our visa, wish us luck!!

Final Days at Green Cay

We’ve had some calm weather settle over us, so we’ve decided to make for Palm Cay to renew our Visa and head for the Exumas


Brian has been baking :-) cinnamon rolls from scratch, yum.


Sunset with some big thunder clouds.


Scup playing in the sand.

He started to nap in the hole he made.

Brian and I drifted from the beach back to the boat. We hang on to each side of the dinghy and enjoy the currents slowly pushing the dink along. Scupper hangs out in the dinghy, I use my sunshade umbrella to keep him cool. He jumps in every once in a while so we must keeps close eye on him.


We saw turtles grazing on sea grass( no pic) and a big shark that could possible of been a great white( brian saw him).


Some cool corals.


Monday. I’m too sick to do much. I developed a head pain yesterday and it is pretty exhausting. So today I rested and just swam from the boat for a few minutes, took some pics, then back to bed. Kind of a bummer as we are surrounded by incredible reefs just waiting to be explored. Thankfully Brian is happy to just lounge and read. He had a bit of a bug for a couple days but now seems to be completely over it :-)

Not sure what this was but it was so colorful, thought it would make a cool pic.

That is our rudder!! We picked up some kind of plant in marathon and its thriving in the warm waters of the Bahamas. We were going to scrub at anchor, but will just hire two kinds at the marina to clean, they do good work and it’s nice to give them the business.


Rose Island to Green Cay

Anchored out at Rose Island, Brian made some fantastic banana bread!!


Rose Island




Scupper and Erika


Too adorable, must give him kiss :-)


The Boys.

A northerly set of waves made the Rose Island anchorage very wallowy.

We decided to check out Green Cay about 5 miles easterly. Sailing past sandy cay.


Our route.


We head northwest out of Rose Island till we round the light, then head east for a couple miles to Green Cay.


Green Cay


Green Cay is gorgeous. I saw many turtles while running scupper to shore.

Some cool caves along the southwest side of Green Cay.

Love the clouds.


Great sunset


The beach on green cay is very very nice. Deep till you get right up to shore.


Green Cay is a private island, but the beach up to high tide mark is public access.

On the way back from the beach to Rain Dog I jumped in the water. Brian cut the engine and we drifted while I hung on to the sides of the dinghy checking out the marine life. Scupper is ever vigilant of where Brian and I are at all times, at one point he fell in trying to keep me in sight.

My head was hurting so didn’t get any real good pics of the marine life.

Brian headed to Rain Dog while I played around in the water. I couldn’t dive due to my head pain but it felt good to just float around.

The guy is about 3 feet long. He adopted Rain Dog and was a bit territorial when I swam up.

He is trying to attached to Rain Dog like a sucker fish. I hope our bottom paint doesn’t bother him, its hard not ablative( thankfully). You can see the soft growth all along the hull. It comes off with a little swipe, just haven’t had the inkling to clean yet, maybe tomorrow :-).

Within a couple hours our tranquil anchorage turns into mayhem city!! We think these boats are charters from the big Atlantis Resort on New Providence. The jet skis and run abouts have scared away all the marine life so brian and I decide to spend the afternoon down below. We are starting to see why everyone treks down to the Exumas!!

One more picture of our little scup.


Fanal Days at Marina, heading to Rose Island

We have decided to head back to Rose Island or onto Green Cay( just east of Rose). I got very sick coming down from Rose and I just seem to get worse the longer we stayed here at the marina. I have begun to suspect that I’m relapsing but this started with coming to marina, being on land. Brian even offered for us to head home ( I was so sick) but I LOVE this life, WE LOVE this life. So if I gotta pay a price, so be it. Hopefully I go back to my usual low grade symptoms when we get back to anchorage. There isn’t a good weather window in sight for Exhumas and Brian is curious about Eleuthra, we can make for that easier in this weather pattern heading over the north ridge of the bank.  So we will meander over to the northeastern tip of Eleuthra, take on a pilot to transverse the Devils Backbone and explore the beautiful bays. We can renew our Visa there, hopefully get 60 days instead of 30. Nothing is written in stone, we may decide on the Exhumas before Eleuthra..who knows! In the meantime, we hope to get back to anchorage as soon as the weather calms a bit, we are shooting for Monday. We both do so much better at anchorage, and for me, I can get in the water anytime which really seems to calm my head pain, nausea, vertigo etc. the only downside is no internet :-). But, thanks to Brian and Chris, we can get weather and are able to even get email. 


Nice marina, nice folks, very few cruisers, mostly locals owned boats

Club House where we get our internet. Get view and breeze. Brian was able to play online bridge with his buddies, a weekly ritual when we had Internet all the time.

Club house has a computer with printer.

The channel to the Marina splits to port and starboard. We believe the starboard channel is entrance to a canal system for the home owners of Palm Cay.

Brian and I keep meaning to have a picnic at the great gazebo.

Love the trees.

Different tree! Why the trunk does this I just don’t know.

Fuel dock is right at the entrance. They have ice and water too.

My boys :-)

Sunset, Bahamas style :-)

Full moon :-)

The Scupmeister.