Rain Dog Is For Sale!

We love our boat!! But we are moving over to a trawler( gasp). We still plan to cruise the US and Caribbean, just in a boat with two cabins for family and friends. I know for many, this is a baffling move to go from such a great vessel to a trawler, but ever since my brain surgery the wind has been knocked out of my sails and i just don’t enjoy the sailing aspect, love everything else about cruising. So, I cannot live on land( I’ll go mad), and we looked at cats(meh), so trawlers won out. We are headed to Pensacola for a while to rebuild the cruising kitty and to make the change from sail to power. Here is a run down about Rain Dog, will update as soon as I have more time. 



1989 Pacific Seacraft Crealock 34 hull #142. 

Wheel steering, Monitor Windvane

reliable inboard yanmar 30hp diesel with two blade prop. 

Cutter rig. 

Draws 5’1″

Air Draft with antenna is 46. 

Coast Guard Documented

High quality build.

Specs from saildata.com

Hull Type:  Fin with rudder on skeg Rig Type:  Cutter
LOA:  34.08′ / 10.39m LWL:  26.25′ / 8.00m
Beam:  10.00′ / 3.05m Listed SA:  533 ft2 / 49.52 m2
Draft (max.)  5’1″ Draft (min.)  
Displacement:  13500 lbs./ 6124 kgs. Ballast:  4800 lbs. / 2177 kgs.
Sail Area/Disp.1:  15.10 Bal./Disp.:  35.55% Disp./Len.:  333.19
Designer:  William Crealock
Builder:  Pacific Seacraft (USA)
Construction:  FG Bal. type:  
First Built:  1985 Last Built:   # Built:  
AUXILIARY POWER (orig. equip.)
Make:  Yanmar Model:  
Type:  Diesel HP:  30
Water:  80 gals.  Fuel:  40 gals. 
I(IG):  40.33′ / 12.29m J:  14.50′ / 4.42m
P:  34.40′ / 10.49m E:  14.00′ / 4.27m
PY:   EY:  
SA(Fore.):  292.39 ft2 / 27.16 m2 SA(Main):  240.80 ft2 / 22.37 m2
Sail Area (100% fore+main triangles):   533.19 ft2 / 49.53 m2
Sail Area/Disp.2:  15.10 Est. Forestay Length.:  42.86′ / 13.06m
BUILDERS (past & present)
More about & boats built by:   Pacific Seacraft
More about & boats designed by:   William Crealock

Some things to note about Rain Dog


Underbody design allows for fantastic maneuvering and a spritely sea kindly feel. 


Staniel Cay, Rain Dog berthed at the Yacht club  πŸ™‚


She has a brand new 40gallon fuel tank( not installed), this was given to us by another PSC34. Our fuel tank is fine, no leaks, looks great. But nice to have a brand new custom tank ready to install if needed.

We bought all new chain plates ( bought from Pacific seacraft) and mast tangs/fittings( LaFiell). We bought them due to the age of the Rain Dog’s chain plates and fittings. Our rigger did a full inspection before we left to go cruising ( November 2014) and said everything looked great, so this new hardware is not installed. 


Sails:Spinnaker with ATN sock. She has a main sail with two reef points in good condition, hank on staysail in good condition, hank on storm stailsail in like new condition, hank on Genoa in good condition. Sail covers for Genoa and staysail need new zippers. 



All running rigging replaced in last 5 years. New topmast anchor and running light. She also has deck level running lights for close quarter navigating.



Custom sunbrella shades


Full no-see-um screen enclosure. Plus screens for all ports and hatches.



Yanmar 3HM35F all manuals, lots of engine spares, including spare alternator. Runs beautifully, use about 2/3 gallon to achieve 6 knots. PSS dripless shaft seal (2015), new engine gages ( December 2014), Rudder gland re packed (2015). Access to engine from cockpit and inside companionway.



We installed solid lifelines around cockpit for added security.


Vesper Watchmate (2015)


Garmin GPS 441S.

Standard Horizon matrix GX2100

Radio, Fusion MS-RA206 with two Polk speakers 

Manson Supreme, digs in and stays put πŸ™‚

45 LB Manson Supreme(2014) Rodes-150ft 3/8 BBB with 150 ft of 5/8 Sampson Super Strong double Braid(2014). 50ft 3/8 BBB with 200 ft 5/8 Yale October Plait(2014) stored in divided anchor locker forward of Vberth. Plus 15Lb Danforth stern anchor with 15 ft of 5/8 chain and 150 ft of 1/2 plait, stowed in stern anchor locker with hinged lid hawsepipe.


Garhauer lifting davit (2015)


Alpenglow LED lighting throughout (2014-2015)


Custom dry head( also called composting head) . The holding tank and all fittings are still installed. So to convert back to regular marine head simply requires a new head and hose. We are very happy with the dry head and plan to install this system in our next boat. We have a Hella fan and norco day night solar vent installed in the head compartment for great ventilation.


New multilayer foam cushions with fleece or terry cloth removable covers.

In main salon: Two big fans, Camfros with timers,  norco day night solar vent, 6 opening bronze ports( no leaks) and one big hatch.

Oil lamp


Vberth has3 opening bronze ports, large overhead hatch,  2 dual speed hella fans. Vberth has 5 inch 100% latex mattress


The fixed swim ladder on port stern quarter has an emergency quick deploy. Simply pull on lime green webbing and ladder will pop open and down. I made this for mob at anchor or any situation where a swimmer unexpectedly finds themselves in the water, they will always have a way onto the vessel. 


Viking rescue 6 man coastal life raft (new 2015) always stored inside boat. Never wet, damp, or in the sun.


Engle MT 45 fridge or freezer. If you are not familiar with this wonderful product. Engle will act as a fridge or freezer. We use it as a fridge, holds a lot, draws very little. Hot summer day in the Bahamas, most it draws 20-30amp hours per day.

  Tons more cruising gear, loads of line, 3 big fenders(2015), preventers,oil change pump, three stage water purification at galley,pressure water at galley, propane stove with oven, propane solenoid, CO2 detectors (2), fire extinguisher(2)

We just had her hull scrubbed by a diver,(2/2016) he said the hull is in fantastic condition. There have three coats of Trinidad SR from the bottom job in late 2014. The diver thought was e had just had the bottom painted πŸ™‚ . Kinda cool when a diver tells you what a lovely bottom you have :-). 

Winter 2014 bottom job. Three coats of Trinidad SR.



Pacific Seacraft 34





13 thoughts on “Rain Dog Is For Sale!

  1. Motor in favour of your existing sail, sad.

    Date: Sun, 28 Feb 2016 13:15:14 +0000 To: epostcp@hotmail.co.uk

    Yes, in a way it is. we will miss rain dog, she is so darn perfect! We are looking at sailboats, I’m not totally ready to give up the thought that maybe my brain will heal enough to be able to sail in more that spinnaker conditions :-).

  2. I am curious about your head. Is it the motion sailing that causes your head problems? On power boats at anchor, my wife is in misery due to the motion. Too quick for her body to adjust. On board the sail boat (Westsail 32) the keel made the motion much slower and easier..She loves the water also and the cat (a Gemini 30) was her favorite. Much less motion makes her much happier. Ken

    • Ken this is great info. Thanks
      We think a big mono might be what suits our needs, but a trawler is not off the table. I’ve owned a Gemini πŸ™‚ I think the cats have the best comfort at anchor, but I worry about their quick and sudden movements.

      Don’t know if I’ve described what happens, but when the boat is sailing along and hits that oddly timed wave that causes her to suddenly stop for a sec before ploughing on, well that stop cause a shock like a bee sting to the brain, deep deep inside. Very strange since there are very little pain nerves in the brain, but docs say it is remnant trauma and it ” should” slowing go away.

      So we swing from just hanging it up and buying a trawler to getting a bigger mono and see if my brain can assimilate back to this life. I know when we were in George Town, I wanted to keep going south. So as much as the sailing is painful, the payoff of being at anchor in paradise still overrides it.

      Living on land is not an option, I’d wither away , no lie.

      Anyways , thanks for the input, it helps.

  3. Beautiful boat and at that price I can’t imagine she’ll last long. Hopefully a post on CF and a few of the cruising facebook groups will help you avoid the hassle of a broker. I’m glad to see you’ll be continuing with the cruising dream, we’ve been aboard some great trawlers. You’ll be enjoying the same destinations with more space than most of us. Wishing you both luck!


    • I’m having troubles with my notifications. I having trouble even viewing comments, strange! sorry this is so late in reply. Thanks for the well wishes, we are hopeful that Rain Dog will find a new owner that will keep cruising her.

    • Thanks Erin. Sorry for the late night reply . Thanks for the well wishes. We are hopeful that Rain Dog will find someone that will cruise her, she is made to cruise, to live away from marinas.
      Anyways, hope all is well.

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