Pensacola Life

 Pensacola. My mom has come to visit in her RV, Tigger Too! Mom and I hit the beach for much needed therapy. We lost my father 5 months ago and it’s been really hard, especially on my mom.


Mom and Dad.



Sunrise Pensacola beach

Water beautiful


Critters to befriend





Interesting characters abound




Love getting lost in the dense schools of fish




Our beach chairs sit mostly unattended, too much sea to swim





Hermit gathering..oxymoron?


Say hello to my little friend 🙂 



If mom and I could live in the water we would. Two mermaids:-)


Rain Dog is still for sale. We are not in a great hurry but it would be nice to move onto our next adventure…







5 thoughts on “Pensacola Life

  1. Erika always love your pics. Sorry about the loss of your papa. I know it is a sadness for your family. My wife’s dad had a stroke and she has gone to Beijing for over a month now. Miss her like crazy. It is just one of those unpleasant things that are natural to life. Tell Brian hello from alan in San Francisco. How much one of those used trawlers that you like cost?

    • Hello Alan, Hope you wife’s father is doing well. And thanks for the kind words, I miss my dad terribly.
      The trawlers we are looking at range from 50,000 to 150,000. Rain Dog never broke ( knock on teak). Our stuff aboard broke once in a while, a running light, a brass pull, but Rain Dog , you just didn’t have to worry about her. Even her engine has been reliable as the sun rise( lots of knocking on teak). We hope we can find that reliability in a trawler.

  2. I am wondering. It has been nearly 8 months. Have you thought about trying Raindog out in waves to see if your brain has started to behave? Ken

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