Gilbert, Key Largo to Coconut Grove Mooring, then onto Pensacola

Not sure where in our blog this will post. It’s over a year old, I forgot to publish it.  I’m typing the latest happenings aboard Rain Dog right now, hopefully will be posted today or tomorrow πŸ™‚



After leaving Gilbert’s we headed north( ultimate destination Pensacola) a bit and anchored for a week at Akerbernaki key. Great protection from anything north. We has westerly too and that wasn’t very uncomfortable either.


Anchored in north Card Sound off aberniski key. There wasn’t enough fetch to build any kind of big waves. Windy but fairly flat.


Heading north to Coconut Grove Sailing Club. You can see Miami skyline off our bow.


Florida’s mascot, the derelict, greets us at every port πŸ™‚


It was a bit nerve racking, coming in to such a crowded and shallow area, but Rain Dog is so easy to handle. I was able to tuck between two big cats and kiss the mooring ball so Brian could casually pick it up. πŸ™‚ 

Very cozy


The Coconut Sailing Club free shuttle drivers were so friendly and very helpful. The sailing club had some of the most beautiful vessels we’ve ever seen, the club members very nice and welcoming. We love this place πŸ™‚


Picnic Island, great dog walking spot right off our stern


At times we needed to fend off other moored boats when current was contrary to wind.

Or Picnic Island




The artist.


That is The municipal mooring field and Anchorage, it can get very rough and rolly.

Handsome man alert πŸ™‚


Weekends are insane here. Very busy on land and water.





Makes one feel quite wussy being nervous about coming in under power to pick up our mooring, none of these vessels have engines. In fact,no power boaters at CGSC.









Back to Rain Dog after a fun jaunt on Picnic Island. Scupper on high alert not to be left behind, as if!


Sometimes I try not to look north. Try to ignore that Coconut Grove is right downtown Miami.


Walking scupper I found this poor fellow left behind by the tide. I carefully set him adrift , plucky little guy headed for the open bay. For those concerned, yes, I know it’s a Portuguese man-o-war. No, I did not get stung. Yes, I was extremely careful. πŸ‘ What a beautiful creature.


Last walk before heading north. 



Heading north. Will be so glad to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Still, the people watching is fun. ( people is code for boat)

Bridges galore


More people watching




Ahhh, open water, uh er I mean, open ICW.


Hey! Fellow Pacific Seacraft!! Island Lady, PS31. 




Lousey picture, I wasn’t feeling well and was way way too slow getting this shot off. Well, as the Texans say ” saylavee”  πŸ™‚

Hobie sound Anchorage

Dink’d / walked over to the Atlantic to get some ocean fix.

I spy with my little eye a tiny baby PMOW ( Portuguese man o war). So cute. Walked him out to deeper water, hopefully that was the right move.

Godspeed my little friend( can you see him?).


Hobie Sound. See the no dogs? Very fragile ecosystem, don’t need no mutts traipsing through the nests and such. Speaking of mutts…


Here comes my taxi with my handsome hubby and said mutt. Poor scupper didn’t understand why he was only allow to walk about two feet before being commanded to pee then whisked away back to Rain Dog. Yes, he will pee on command. I know you are envious.




Just east of lake Okeechobee side.

 Will post the second half of our trip to Pensacola soon. Hugs.


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