I’m trying to learn how to take a good picture. I come from a family of photographers, underwater mostly. I never had an interest in taking pictures, much to my families disappointment. But I did help out a lot, in the dark room, and sifting through slides. :-). But now I  want to take a picture of everything, especially on the boat. 

I have a Pentax 30, with a standard  18-55mm lens, also have a cheap fisheye lens to play with. I hope to have a waterproof case to take pics when I free dive. I am unable to Scuba Dive with my health history, but I’ve always preferred free diving anyways :-).


Taken With My Fisheye Lens




Sunset Through The Anchor Lamp









Big Bird


Sitting at anchor, Flato Cut, Texas Sunset.


Scupper, aking sure no man, or uh er dog, is left behind.




Dolphins Playing, ICW Near Port Aransas


Galveston Bay



Poker Run Go Fast Boats


Galveston Bay









Marker 2



2 thoughts on “DSLR Pics

    • Wow, thanks. I’m just learning. I can not wait to get back into clear water to do some underwater photography. Both my parents were very talented underwater photogs, maybe some of it rubbed off 🙂

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