Boat Project Page

We replaced the old upper lifelines around the cockpit with stainless steel tubing. The 90 degree elbow has an eye for the pelican hook gate fitting. All set screws were replaced with #6 screws for strength.


The old lifeline eye was ground off and this open jaw eye added to accept the tubing eye.


Finished lifelines around the cockpit, very nice!!


Cut hawse hole for chain/line anchor rode locker. Also rebed the windlass with 5200( I love 5200).

Windlass down below to measure and sew a canvas cover.





Made canvas gates to keep scupper onboard. Added a pocket for shore shoes, leashes etc.

Dodger canvas vinyl window cover without cutout.


Dodger window cover with cutout. Allows ventilation and view forward when UV window cover is up.










Dodger without UV cover on.


Blackout Curtain for forward hatch. Two layers of heat shield curtain material and two layers of scrap sunbrella canvas. Used velcro for attachment. Framed hatch with velstick velcro, a thick stiff plastic velcro that can be screwed or glued down. 




2 thoughts on “Boat Project Page

  1. Hey folks. I saw you on Cruisers Forum and ended up getting most of the story!
    I am soooo sorry I bought a second PSC31 (scheel keel) for my Chesapeake Bay location. It’s a fixer upper and I paid most of what you are asking for your wonderful experienced vessel.
    I saw that you had done some screen work and recognized those ports instantly. Wondered if you ever replaced the posst seals? I know that they were an issue on one of the web sites but haven’t been able to locate. If you know of a material to replace the rubber, great.
    So sorry that you are having to give up the wind driven life. Guess a Cat wouldn’t do… Well, as long as there is water in your life it’s all good!
    thanks and best wishes. Enjoy your future travels.
    Rob Laird
    The Legacy
    Wind Chimes
    (both PSC 31s)

    • Hello, sorry for the late reply!!
      I think the seals were replaced by previous owner. They are in such good shape it’s hard for me to think they are original. My only successful screen project was to attach screens for the inside using Velcro. They worked perfectly in the Bahamas but one button of Velcro would need re glueing. I recommend contact cement as it won’t mar the beautiful patina on the ports.

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