Crossing Over. Back To The States.


Sorry I’ve been remiss in my blogging! Things have been a bit crazy. We had a family emergency, but things are calmed down and stable, whew! We are back aboard Rain Dog after 9 weeks in Texas.

Here is the quick synopsis of the last few months…




I originally routed us to Dinner Key from south Bimini  but within an hour or two after leaving port we decided to head for Ft Lauderdale( faster and better tack). As expected it was a mad house upon arrival, but more madhouse due to it being, ugh, boat show weekend. Plus, one thing we did not anticipate was that most fuel docks were out of fuel. 

After weaving and dodging mega yachts, freighters, tow boats, tug boats, run abouts, hobies, day sailors, trawlers, paddle boats, kayaks, and tour boats we found the first fuel dock, who waved us off stating they were out of diesel, dodging and weaving through the mayhem we reached fuel dock #2, they too waved us off stating they had no diesel. Fuel dock #3, we found fuel, but we could not find any attendants. Two hours go by, we tried searching the grounds, even tried to pump the fuel ourselves and leave the cash but the pumps were locked up. Finally someone came, filled tank, and we went back out into the mayhem…

Fueled up we make our way to a marina. By now, we have been up for over 24 hours and fatigue was setting in. 


Rested, and now have met up with Brian’s parents so we have a car! Now the wild goose chase begins, checking back into the U.S.

Nondescript “second building”. This is the second building we went to looking to check in. Both buildings are on airport property and due to construction it took two laps around the airport to get to “first building”, but the customs office was also under construction. A tiny note on bare drywall, where the door to customs should be,  told us to go to another address. Two laps around the airport later 🙂 we reach “second building” Once inside we see that the first floor holds a private airline company, no customs office in sight.

Asking for customs the airline attendant pointed us towards a door marked exit…? 

Wondering if maybe we once again took a wrong turn…

Half hour later……..Checked In!! Did not want to take a picture of the office where we checked back into the country since it was a Homeland Security Office, tiny but very official looking 🙂 on the way out Brian stopped by the duty free shop to buy some cigars. Cashier wouldn’t sell to us unless we had ticket in hand to show we were flying out of country. So poor brian didn’t get his cigars 😦


Brian’s parents came aboard and helped Brian sailed Rain Dog down to Key Largo. This is Rain Dig in front of Gilbert’s restaurant, hotel, and marina.

Meanwhile, I dog sat Brian’s parents dog Piper, and rested up in a cute little cottage down near Marathon. I rejoined Rain Dog when the boat got to Key Largo. 

Key Largo. Brian’s parents headed up to Sanibel island while Brian and I sorted out some boat repairs. We had planned to sail to boat to marathon but family in Texas needed us.

As luck would have it, we found a RV for sale nearby. We named  her Gertrude. The RV allows us to stay next to my parents RV in Texas.


Before we headed to Texas we were blessed with a visit from friends we made while at Black Point, Bahamas. Stevie and Richard. Coincidentally, Richard was Staying in the same RV park as our new RV Gertrude.


Stevie and Richard checking out Rain Dog 🙂



 ~~~~~~Florida to Texas, and back.~~~~~~~~~~

 Less then a week back in Florida, Rain Dog is settled in a slip,  we packed up our new RV Gertrude and headed for Texas..


Stopped in Sanibel overnight to visit with nephews and family( vacationing, they live in Austin, tx). We were supposed to spend a full week, but with my father being ill, we just stayed a day.

Fun at the beach


The boys enjoying the Bahamas sea shells I collected for them. I only collected dead/empty shells.


Hand carved crab for Eli 🙂

Eli taking picture of the family.

And of uncle and auntie

Back on the road. We will get to see our nephews, Brian’s sister and brother in law, and Brian’s parents again when we meet up in Austin. Texas here we come.

Scupper enjoying the landlubber life.


Crossing over the might Mississippi


In Texas! Mom greeting us as we pull into the RV park.

Brian builds a deck for my dad so he can get in and out of the RV easier.

Mom, ever the hands on woman, helps Brian with the deck.

My dad checking out the progress



We hopped over to Austin to see the nephews, family, and friends.

Fossil hunting

Fossil hunting

I love to fossil hunt, but when there is water nearby the mermaid in me must play 🙂

Brian got to see Oliver! I’m so jealous!!! This is our friends Sheila and Jason’s spectacular son.

Back in Katy Texas. Took my niece Erika Lily out to see Blue Man Group


After the performance, everyone gathered around to get pics with, well, the blue man 🙂


Fun with my favorite niece:-) notice the purple hair 🙂 ( the lighting doesn’t do it justice, it’s purple!) see next pic…

Auntie’s hair needed upgrading…

Purple hair! My niece picked out the color for me and did most of the applying with my nephew Warren helping out.

Back at the RV park.  I installed a fantastic fan aboard Gertrude. Mom loved the fan, so mom and I installed two aboard their RV. Their RV is named after the boat they circumnavigated in. The boat, a Tartan 37 hull#2, was called Tigger, so the RV is called Tigger Too.


After 9 weeks in Texas, things have calmed down. My father is doing really well on his new medications. So we decide it’s time to get back home to Rain Dog. I’m glossing over the part where both Brian then I get the flu (the real flu). Sick as a dog for almost 20 days. We have been cruising aboard our little boat, very isolated, I guess our bodies were not used to all the people contact and their landlubber germs. Land is so dangerous, don’t know how the dirt dwellers do it :-). 


Gertrude is a great vessel. We did have some tire issues, but the repair was $40! Then we hit a bad stretch of I-10 in Louisiana and our exhaust pipe coupler gave out. I got out my bosuns bag ( I don’t leave home without it 😀) and tied it back up with webbing and tinfoil covered dyneema. Worked beautifully.


Stopped near Orlando to meet up with our friends Gordo and Karen. Forgot to take picture of us at the restaurant  :-(. Lame-o. The RV park where we stayed the night was really a mobile home park, 55+ community. But they didn’t seem to mind us youngins hanging about.


We told Gilbert’s Marina in Key Largo that we were coming back to Rain Dog. We failed to mention that we were in a monster RV. They took it in stride and kindly allowed us to overnight in what has got to be the best RV parking spot ever.


Happy to be home, can’t wait to get out to anchor!


Scupper is sooo happy to be back home.


We will head north tomorrow and weather out a northern in Barnes sound.

Not sure of what’s next. We need to replenish the cruising kitty…


2 thoughts on “Crossing Over. Back To The States.

  1. Wow, this RV thing really seems to be catching on. One of the other interesting blogs we follow is “SUNDOWNER SAILS AGAIN”. Dani and Tate. These two recently took a break from the Westsail bought a RV and are touring the US.

    Would love to meet you two if you ever find yourself in the Slidell, LA area. We are on the water just off of Lake PONTCHARTRAIN, where we sail our Atkin Cutter “ROSA”. Have been following you two since day one and so look forward to your updates. We post on Cruisers Forum as Leocat66. 985-640-3655. Myrna and Earl

    • Thanks so much!!
      The RV is just to visit family. Me on land for any length of time is not a pretty sight :-). My father is terminally ill, so we want something that we can plop right next to their home (also an RV) to help out. Right now he is doing really really well. My dad is a tough old guy!!
      I hope we can meet up, maybe once we are in Pensacola we can arrange a meet up?
      Erika and Brian

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