Scupper The Boat Dog









Scupper loves the boat, loves the dinghy, loves to explore the shore. He helps me shell hunt but sometimes likes to run off and bury my shells!



We are working on his boat potty training. After experimenting with a scrap of astro turf, confident that he gets the concept, I made “The Perfect Doggy Pee Mat”!
Supplies used
1) a remnant of the new tech fake grass
2) an absorbent cloth called a whelping mat
3) old three strand rope
4) whipping line, needle, pliers.

The mat has two layers, the grass on top and the absorbent cloth on the bottom. After whipping the cloth to the grass, absorbent side up, I whipped the three strand line to border the mat, placing hand holds along three sides. I left the tail of the three strand to tie off to the boat, but a may finish it differently. I also whipped a piece of driftwood to give him a target :). When he pees, the absorbent layer will keep the pee off the deck. I will chuck the mat overboard to swish around, then hang off the side to drip dry( the whelping cloth dries really fast). After I completed the construction, I rubbed the mat (grassy side down) along the pet area at the marina where all the dogs do their business. I hope the many smells will encourage him to “mark” his territory.

I put the Perfect Pee Mat on our foredeck, scupper took a sniff or two and proceeded to pee on it!!! I think the whole marina heard our cries of triumph 🙂 scupper was unamused by all the attention while he was otherwise occupied. The cloth asborbed his pee without leaking onto the deck. If fact, it dried in about 25 minutes in the sun. Now I figure instead of cleaning it every time he goes, I think I’ll just clean it every night after his last “walk” on deck, and after every poo.

Here is the mat




4 thoughts on “Scupper The Boat Dog

  1. You are a trip girl…. all the time creating… did you create those Pics on your site like you in the Clam Shell???

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