Captain And Crew


 Brian the captain

Brian with Kaela, our beloved pooch who passed away in January at 17 years old.






 Brian, getting kudos from the father of the bride at the wedding he just officiated 🙂


 Mountain man, Wyoming.

 Number one snuggler.






First mate Erika


 Just threw a rock at canada, don’t know why but it felt good..?

 Giving my mom a face lift, just pull on the ears and presto!

Brian’s mom and I.  


 Crewing on a boat, out in the Atlantic.

 My niece Erika Lily 🙂

 Nurses having a night out.


The Schmoopsys


 I married him twice to seal the deal 🙂


 With Kaela in Utah.

 Snuggling, our favorite past time.

 Our dear friend Fred officiating our marriage. On the bow of Rain Dog. Brian’s nephews helping out, Kaela standing guard 🙂


Our latest addition, weighing in at 11.5 pounds, Scupper! 

See Scuppers own fan page 🙂


4 thoughts on “Captain And Crew

  1. Scupper is so cute! Makes me wish we could have a cat or a dog on our boat – but it isn’t going to happen. So I’ll be following your blog so I can get my cute critter fix!

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