Rose Island, north of New Providence


Today we head for Rose Island :-). We had planned to run back to Warderick Wells for a 10 day stay, but my brain has been acting up. So we will head for Rose  Island which has sweet anchorages on its north and south side and is only 7 miles away instead of 55.

Watching a charter boat weave its way in to the marina (Palm Cay, southeast New Providence

Joe, our friend has flown back to the states. Scupper is sleeping on Joe’s pillow, a sign he misses him.

The little cafe at the marina had a soft opening. I enjoyed a great cup of tea and brian had a cappuccino. The manager was kind enough to give me samples of local Bahamian tea, which grows wild on Atkins Island. 

Atkins is one of the Islands that was wiped out in hurricane Joaquin. The woman who runs the tea company lost everything. So if you are looking to try a very good cup of tea, please buy some of her tea and help her get back on her feet. The marina said they would hold any orders at the office for folks who will be traveling through. So you could have the tea mailed to Palm Cay c/o your vessel, and they keep it safe till you can pick it up.

Provisioning day.


Everything stowed, heading out of Palm cay marina.


The folks who work at the marina and restaurant are so sweet, we feel very blessed to of met them.




You can easily see the coral.


We are leaving at low tide so we will give all coral heads a wide berth


We had pretty rough wave action, at times we could only make about 3.5-4 knots. But we finally arrived at the south west anchorage of Rose Island


Reaching Rose Island, we tucked in between the reef and shore.

I dove the anchor and watched it set at around 3000RPMs in weedy sandy bottom. Water was very cool. Ever since the hurricane, the water has been noticeably cooler. I had to hype myself up to get in the water. Brian always works the throttle while I’m in the water to make sure the anchor sets well. He did offer to get in the cool water instead of me, what a gentleman:-).

Rose Island is about 9 miles long, a very long narrow island with lots of coral heads.


Blue dot marks our location.


Shallows up fast as you head west into the anchorage.

Rose Island

Sun is setting. The weather is really cooling off. 

Crazy beautiful sunset.


Next day. The smattering of rainbow was right over the big casino at Nassau:-)


Drift diving along the southeast side of the anchorage.


Brian drifting along watching the beautiful scenery go by.

This is what we are dodging when we talk about navigating around coral heads. This could do some serious damage to the boat and the coral would not likely survive such a collision.

Scupper, back aboard and bathed, lounges in one of his favorite spots.


Nice sunrise at Rose Island 


One of the many big yachts we see around Nassau. The dark vessel couldn’t seem to set his anchor and drug all over the anchorage. Grrr.

It’s cold again. I put on my 3/4 wet suit to stay warm and swam around the boat. When I say cold, I mean it is 84 degrees with a dry gusty breeze :-). Pretty darn perfect.

Lots of cool critters under the boat 🙂

The fish that got away, sigh, I clearly didn’t frame this shot properly. But to be honest, I didn’t see him till I was two feet away :-)I was focused on the soft coral. he dashed out before I could get another picture.

This little guy was only about 3inches long.


Pretty seaweed.


Rain Dog



Moon has been quite bright these last few nights.


Sunrise at South Rose Island


This beautiful creature was soaring over the boat, looking for a meal. Winds are shifting to a more southerly direction, so we will make for Green Cay on the north side of Rose Island.



8 thoughts on “Rose Island, north of New Providence

  1. Hi Brian & Erica, Beautiful pictures from Rose Island. I crewed on a cat in June from Palm Cay to Rose Island, Berry Islands, Freeport to Savannah. Your pics and adventures are bringing up sweet memories! I just came back with YANKEE to my home port Fernandina Beach, FL from a 4 month trip, exploring the southern part of the Chesapeake Bay.
    PSC 34 #274

  2. Hey you guys, great to see your still out there living the dream! I haven’t been to your blog in awhile so it took some time to catch up, sooo many adventures. Rose Island is amazing, we took an excursion there a few years back when we were staying in Nassau. There were anchored boats there between the reef and the island, and I always wanted to go back by boat and hang out. You guys look great and Scupper looks like he is enjoying it all too. Glad your doing well.
    Fair winds and following seas. I’ll try and keep updated.
    Chris @ Banks Sails Gulf Coast

    • It’s great to hear from you Chris! Hope all is well and Banks is doing great. Give Murray, Trent, and his mother a big hug from me :-). Your beautiful boats would be right at home off green cay( north of Rose island). When you going cruising?

      • Hey Erika…I am actually moving back aboard my boat as I write this. I am going to take a few years and fit her out and then make the move further south. If I can do it sooner I will, but I want to have piece of mind with the proper safety equipment, as well as living off the grid for extended periods of time.
        I really have enjoyed all of your pictures and reading about your adventures. I will tell everyone at Banks hello for you.
        All the best to you!

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