Pictures Of Our Trip North, Up The Exuma Chain.



Emerald Bay Marina. Came up from George Town for water and to get a deep charge on our batteries.

Emerald Bay Marina is located in the northeastern side of Great Exuma. It gets a bad rap for having a lot of wave action due to it being open to north winds. It is considered by many not to be a good hurricane hole. But when we arrive a couple days after hurricanes Joaquin, the marina facilities were up and running, no boats were lost except one derelict boat received some toe rail damage. Since the marina only allows one boat per two slips for hurricanes preparations, each vessel has finger piers on port and starboard, and can be situated in the middle of the slip, avoiding damage due to wave action. So having seen what we have seen from a cat 4 hurricane with mostly north winds, we consider Emerald Bay to be a good hurricane hole.


So glad to have Joe aboard.

Bird of paradise as tall as a tree!


We needed fuel too. Now onto Rudder Cut 🙂


Holy smokes, we were able to sail the spinnaker! This is from Emerald bay to Rudder Cut.



Just came into the entrance to Rudder Cut Cay, looking back out to sea.




Nice beach on uninhabited island.



Looking north.

Finally got to swim the mermaid at piano sculpture. Was very beautiful.


3 thoughts on “Pictures Of Our Trip North, Up The Exuma Chain.

  1. Erika, always a treat to see your photos. You are a good naturalist photographer. I really enjoy them. Thanks for your skill and time spent on your blog. thanks, alan

  2. Erika,
    The pictures and descriptions are the best! I know Joe had a great time aboard Raindog. I’ll look forward to hearing where you’ll visit when you return to the states. We’re doing a mini cruise in NC and are having a wonderful time.

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