Joe’s Cruise Through The Exumas. George Town To Warderick Wells, Then On To Nassau


 A good friend flew into George Town to crew aboard Rain Dog. This is the log of his journey from George Town to Nassau for his friends and family to enjoy. 🙂


Rain Dog.


George Town is on the Island of Great Exuma


George Town anchorage

Joe is flying in today to crew for Rain Dog, yay! We are just recovering from the big hurricane that blew through. Rain Dog was in a hurricane hole a few miles to the south and took no damage. There are two damaged boats in this picture, one is a beautiful houseboat that sunk( foreground) and the other vessel ended up on the rocks ( background right, hard to see).


Joe, our friend from Austin, Texas.



Chart of the Exuma chain. We start out in the south at George Town ( Socking Island). Joe catches his plane flight back to Austin in Nassau ( Athol Island). We have two weeks to get to Nassau.



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