Redeeming Emerald Bay Marina, Great Exuma

Just a quick note to folks that were wondering if Emerald Bay Marina could survive  a hurricane. We are at Emerald Bay, it’s been a few days since the hurricane hit. The only damage was a ripped out cleat. No boats were lost. One abandoned boat did get rub rail damage( you can buy it for 1,000). They did have a breach in the main water pipes that run under the pier along the bulkhead . So, if anyone is contemplating riding out a storm here, I think it would be a good choice if you tie up properly and it’s not a cat 5!

Emerald Bay Marina entrance faces the northerly. Hurricane force winds came from the north.


Boat is abandoned. If you pay for survey, you can have it. Needs survey for Marina to obtain title. The harbor master plans to sink her to make a good five/Snorkeled site. She is very very rough. Rotten cabin top. Teak decks have been painted so you know they leak. Bowsprit broken in half near base, rot at top of mainmast, many chainplates, that are not outboard are bad. Hull and some hardware is salvageable.

Heading out today for Rudder Cut. Going to swim with the mermaid and piano statue. Will post pics as soon as I can.




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