Red Shanks to George Town Post Hurricane Joaquin


~~~~~~~After Hurricane~~~~~~~~~



Our first sunrise after the storm, back aboard Rain Dog, boat and crew safe. Sweet.

We were anxious to get out of Red Shanks, the hurricane hole, but the tides were not in our favor. We didn’t move the boat till Monday.

Lil Sister, a catamaran that rode out the storm just north of us. He said conditions were very rough and windy in the anchorage.

Looking towards the mainland.

Glory hallelujah, it’s time to jump the sand bars and leave this anchorage:-)

Thanks Red Shanks, for taking such good care of a Rain Dog.

We cleared the shoals and make for George Town. We have a friend flying in on Tuesday to spend two weeks cruising the Exumas with us.


Passing Isaac’s Bay. The marina took sone damage but the big boats hauled out seemed to be well tied down and in good shape.

Looking out into the Atlantic towards Long Island (20 miles away). They got the brunt of the storm and did not fair well.


There is a coral reef just off Elizabeth Island. Two yacht maintained markers help vessels avoid the reef.


Coming up to the big reef, we only see one marker.

The ( looking north) starboard marker is in good shape and, from what we can tell, is still is the proper place. The mooring balls looked like they were also ok. Since we left the anchorage I continually scanned the shores for lost dinghies and such. I did not see the lost marker anywhere.

Since the storm there is a constant flow of air traffic towards Long Island. Pray everyone is recovering well.

Stocking island.

Made it to our anchorage. Can see the sunken houseboat and the big powerboat we saw broke free when we were riding out the storm at the hotel.

Scupper, catching up on his sleep.


We picked up our crew and are now heading north through the Exumas and will end up in Nassau in two weeks. We know about invest 91, don’t worry, we wil keep a sharp eye out for storms and take the necessary precautions. There are several good hurricane holes in the Exumas. In fact, we will be within 10 miles of a safe harbor almost the whole way. When we get to north Exumas, where there isn’t a real good hurricane hole, we will hop over to Nassau, only 6 hours away, if we need to. 


Not sure when I can update. Joe, our friend visiting from Austin Texas, was kind enough to bring some ship’s supplies, including a wifi booster. So hopefully my blog updates will be more frequent.

Hugs and lots of love to all. Thank you for all the kind well wishes.



4 thoughts on “Red Shanks to George Town Post Hurricane Joaquin

  1. Erica and Brian, thanks for the updates and all of the tidbits of information. I really dig reading the posts and the photos.

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