George Town (pre hurricane) Beach and Underwater Fun


Here are a few pictures that I wanted to post. Some were taken weeks ago but I hadn’t a chance to gather them up, organize them, and post. I dated the post so it will fall before the hurricane posts to avoid confusion.


Scupper giving his opinion about another boat zooming by and throwing a big wake 😛


Did I mention Barry? This big barracuda has taken shelter under Rain Dog. He comes right up to the swim ladder whenever I attempt (key word) to get in the water. He has a big wound on his head, poor guy. So no swimming around the boat, a wounded barracuda is not to be triffled with. Get well soon Barry the barracuda:-)


We stayed a couple days a the Exuma Yacht Club to fill our water tanks, get a little air conditioning and to shake off Barry the Barracuda ( I couldn’t swim around the boat!) This is Clifford, our taxi driver. I loved the music he was playing in the Taxi, the next day he stopped by the boat and dropped off a CD of The music. It’s a local band. Bahamians are the sweetest people, hard not to fall in love with them 🙂

They are really good!

Cool sunrise. I was so sleepy I did not noticed the dragon. It would be a perfect pic if not for the darn rigging in the way. Oh well, it still real cool 🙂


Brian taking me to a nice beach

Sweet beach, scupper will love it. This is near February cove

Snorkeled just off the beach. Pretty underwater garden.

Brian and scupper, always so patient with me when I go off snorkeling


His engine got water in it. Gave him a tow home to his beautiful trimaran Dancor.


Not sure I ever posted this. This is the entrance to Victoria lake. A small narrow inlet that can have a wicked current sometimes.

We love the Bahamas 😉 the land, sea, and people. So so glad we came.



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