Lazy, Hot, Days.



No wind so we are drifting over our anchor chain.

Anchor still good and dug in.


Only escape from the no wind heat is to swim. I started early this morning, around 8:30 am. The water is cool and clear. We keep threatening to run into the Marina for a few days to escape the heat with air conditioning and get a good nights sleep. But, the idea of being in a Marina is more distasteful then laying in our berth hot and sweaty. I might start night swimming…..wonder if there is a way to rig up a bed in the water, hmmm, I can’t help but think that might resemble a chum basket, we have bulls and Black tip sharks in the harbor :-).


Swimming down the anchor chain, this pic is taken at about 10 feet of water.

Early morning swim greets me with lots of tiny tiny friends floating in the water. I have my TG3 set on macro lens.

In the dead calm water the double reflection of our hull makes the soft growth on our bottom rather daunting to clean off 🙂

The dinghy is teeming with plant life :-()

She is such a pretty vessel, even from the bottom of the sea 🙂

Plane circling the harbor. He looks like he is having too much fun 🙂


In the heat of the day, with the sun high overhead and nary a drop of wind, scupper and I went swimming.


Scupper climbed aboard the bean bag and lounged for a while. I added the umbrella to make sure he didn’t get sun burned 🙂



Poor Brain was stuck doing boat work, but was sweet enough to take some pics of the water fun. I wish I was a mermaid.


The next morning I started to go for a swim. As I climbed down the swim ladder a rather large object swam up to me. I scrambled up the ladder and hopped into the dinghy and stuck my head in to see what it was. This poor barracuda has a big wound on his head. I did not get in the water with him but stuck the camera in the water to get this shot. Swimming with a large barracuda is one thing, swimming with a large wounded barracuda is totally another!


Brian running to shore, scupper not happy to be left behind.



3 thoughts on “Lazy, Hot, Days.

  1. Great pics, love the bean bag, we’re trying to decide if we should pick up a couple but they seem like such a large space commitment. Do you use them often? Also curious about the hot nights, we have AC in the boat but have always thought we’d go without a generator. Given the hot nights, do you ever find yourself wanting a generator or would the noise/space requirements just not be worth it? Love the blog, it’s great following along, can’t wait till we’re in your shoes. Aiming for 2017

    • Erin – love your blog. Bean bags are huge, but we do use them every day. Would not be worth it otherwise. I would say buy one and see how you like it. You have a very large cockpit, so one will not really be in your way much.

      We carry a window unit witch we can only use in marinas. Since we are here in the summer (off season) we do use it and do wish we had a generator. If we were not here in August/September, we would never use it. As long as there is wind, we never want AC, but when the wind dies….

  2. Howdy guys, just wanted to say we’re thinking about y’all and hope you’re in a nice safe spot while Joaquin does her thing. Stay safe and here to hoping she leaves you alone soon.

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