The Long Ride To Our Next Anchorage, 1.2 Miles!

The wind died so we moved Rain Dog out into the middle of Elizabeth Harbor. We then headed over to chat-n-chill to meet up with some other cruisers.


Rain Dog

Hanging out at the Chat-n-Chill, lots of little critters (baby barracuda) swimming around us.

The sting rays were especially lovey dovey today.

This little guy was hard at work, digging and digging. I think this is his eye peeking up to look for food or predators

Bunches of baby starfish all around.


Not sure if you can tell, but there were perfect indentations of starfish in the sand.


We are in the middle of the harbor to get a good breeze. Later, we will move down to Elizabeth island to get closer to the great snorkeling spots



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