Passports Are Renewed :-)

Bahamas officials have graciously allowed us to stay another 60 days :-). Whew!


Immigration office in George Town

We got our times mixed up and came during lunch hour. The immigration officer kindly cut his lunch short and came into the office to assist us. Few minutes of waiting and we have our renewal. Life is good 🙂

A glimpse into the painfully bumpy water taxi ride into town. When we get the young taxi driver, he races across the bay.  Thankfully ,Brian did not feel any lasting pain once the ride was over.  Ironically, I talked Brian into taking a water taxi as I thought it would be to rough of a ride in our dinghy 🙂

Back at anchor we watched a ferry cross our stern.

And a nice sunset. Lots of thunderstorms around but none hit us :-).


Drift diving in front of scuppers beach( south monument anchorage)

The brain coral was very pale white. At least, I think it is brain coral.

Another brain coral, a big one.


A sea cucumber?

Razor clam..?



 The wind has been in the mid 20 knots range for the last week. It is supposed to die down tomorrow so we will make for Elizabeth Island south of Stock Island. Hopefully we will find clearer water and a cool breeze.

Lots of good snorkeling to be had at Elizabeth Island.



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