I was in the v-berth when I heard the Dolphins outside. I cracked my head on the bulkhead trying to jump up to see the Dolphins.

My hubby looks at me with a funny face as I leap out of the boat and climb down the swim ladder fully clothed. No time for a bathing suit, there are Dolphins!! He had to throw me my mask and camera, I didn’t plan things out very well. Thankfully, my hubby was ready to help!

As I reach for the anchor chain I dislodged a disgruntled cuddle fish trying to hide from the Dolphins. Sorry!


I did not approach them but let them come to me, if they so chose to, and they did 🙂

Seems there was a momma and baby with another adult.

In my excitement I accidentally changed the settings on my camera, so the pics are not very bright.

So cool.

I stayed in the water for about a half hour. When I got out they were still playing around the boat.

Scupper, who barks when he sees a dolphin, was very tired after the encounter.



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