Brian’s Birthday!!

We took a Taxi into Town to do some provisioning. We wanted to go to St. Francis restaurant for Brian’s birthday but the resort is closed for off season. So we picked up some goodies to cook on the boat. We met some very nice cruisers while on the Taxi and brian found out that there is a strong bridge club here, that is the best birthday present he could ever get :-). 

Main dock at GT. if you look real close you will see Rain dog way over on the other side of the bay. 🙂

Even the dock workers are friendly, ( see them waving?) it seems everyone is kind and friendly in the Bahamas 🙂

Elvis water taxi service. When the winds are up, the channel is too rough to cross by dinghy. Thankfully they have a great water Taxi service.


When we hit shore we ran into my favorite police man in all the Bahamas:-). He keeps his police boat at Emerald Bay Marina. Amazingly he patrols the entire Exuma island chain.

George Town


After coming back from town I took scupper ashore while the birthday boy lounged on the boat.


Scupper had the run of the beach and loved the freedom!

He loves to fetch his beach toy. Sometimes I bury the toy and he just goes wild digging it back up!

Hmmm..Must get toy.

Scupper loves to swim


Starfish incognito. He is very smal, maybe three inches across and in about three feet of water.

Here he is without the sandy disguise 🙂


Time to go see papa!!! As soon as I say that he leaps aboard the dinghy ready to head back to the boat  🙂

After getting scupper settled back aboard, brian still happy to lounge and read, I took a nice long swim around Rain Dog.

Even though the water seems to always be stirred up and a bit murky, we still love this anchorage.


Nice sunset. Lots of squalls in the area so it’s nice and cool outside.

Scupper all cleaned up and had a good brushing. He looks almost respectable 🙂



3 thoughts on “Brian’s Birthday!!

  1. Happy Birthday Brian, my daughter and Maxi, my German Shepherd were born on Sept 16, and my father on the 24th…greatest people are born in September…smile….I am dying to retire…hopefully not in that order…smile…God bless you and your sweetheart with many more years of love and life…

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