A Day In The Life Of Rain Dog And her Crew.


Per request, here is a general description of our life aboard Rain Dog.

 I’m usually up around 7 ish and wait for brian to wake around 8-9 ish. We have a tea(me) and coffee(brian) while checking the weather and or listening to the morning cruising net if there is one. A cruising net is a daily VHF confab with the cruisers in that area. For example, George Town Exuma has a cruiser net every morning at 8 am on VHF channel 72. It’s a great opportunity to get information from more explierienced cruisers about the area, where to obtain water, fuel, groceries. Also, you can ask for help with boat or equipment repair or if you need to buy or sell something. Cruisers nets are a way to quickly plug in to the local cruising community. 

Sunrise πŸ™‚


Brian cooks us a delicious breakfast( oatmeal, omelettes, French toast, eggs, or hash browns). 

A hardy breakfast thanks to Chef Brian. We don’t usually have such a big breakfast. 


We lounge around after breakfast, scupper runs around on deck and uses his poddy mat. Then at 11:00 we get up the motivation to decide what our day will entail. I’m always voting for a drift dive or swimming to the beach, brian is usually on board unless we need to provision or he has some boat maintenance that he cannot put off.

On a drift dive. Scupper not really understanding how a shade umbrella works πŸ™‚


Wonderful scenery


Once every couple weeks we head into shore to do our laundry.

We also grocery shop about every two weeks. Brian walking up to blue house for some much needed eggs, flour, and milk.

We love to go exploring with other cruisers, friends we make as we travel. πŸ™‚


We also love to meet up with friends and just chill when we can.


After a swim or boat work we usually eat lunch ( sandwiches cheese and crackers etc), take a nap, or relax reading a book until around 3-4. Whereby I usually swim around the boat and/or we take scupper to shore to run loose.


Scupper loves to swim and run in circles on the beach. πŸ™‚


By 5 we are back aboard and showered, all sand and salt cleaned off of Rain Dog crew. We then contemplate dinner. Many times we just eat a couple different types of veggies or we decide on a real dinner ( spaghetti, meatloaf, Brian’s fantastic homemade pizza etc)


Brian’s famous pizza. Yum!!


Evening is a great time for new and old friends to gather and have fun πŸ™‚


We feel especially blessed when friends fly in to visit πŸ™‚


After dinner we usually run around the boat getting it ready for the night, stowing loose items on deck, tidying up the cockpit, make sure dinghy is secure, and anchor tackle is in order. We also make sure our anchor lights are working, we have 3 solar lights on deck and an anchor light at the top of the mast ( we call the top mast light the “Kitty” light). Since we are near a shipping channel we like to light up the boat for better visibility. 

Solar rope lights automatically come on at dusk and give the cockpit a nice glow.


We also have reflective tape placed on stanchions and mast to help us be more visible to other vessels.


We usually watch a movie or tv show before drifting off to sleep  (anywhere from 10-1 am) Brian likes to play bridge and crosswords.


Throughout the night I, or sometimes Brian, will get up and check the anchor and our position to make sure all is well and we are not dragging. Or if on a mooring we check for chafe. I usually am up every three hours, but sometimes if it is really quiet  might go as long as five hours before checking on things. We have a gadget that takes our GPS coordinates every 15 seconds and will alert us if we stray outside our anchors swing radius ( Vesper Watchmate).


Ok, so that is the average day aboard a Rain Dog.


2 thoughts on “A Day In The Life Of Rain Dog And her Crew.

    • Matt, I added reflective to the dinghy and dinghy motor cowl, and to our windscopps too. So far it’s has stood up to the elements but I bet I’ll need to replace the dinghy reflective tape yearly. I think I’ll make some Velcro strips of reflective tape that I can attach anywhere, lifelines, dinghy, even a wrist πŸ™‚

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