George Town

We arrived at the monument anchorage in George Town around noon. It was a bumpy ride down with the wind and waves on our nose. Hopefully that will be the last of our beating south, from now on we will wander in a northerly direction. So Rain Dog will be a sailboat once again :-).

Leaving Emerald Bay. The weather was gusty. Normally we move on calm days (for my broken brain). But we now, due to summer heat, must balance keeping cool in breezy winds with wave action or calm waves with no breeze. My brain isn’t really happy when we are on the move either way. But heat exhaustion is a real threat. Thankfully our leg is only 15ish miles.



We enjoyed our stay at Emerald Bay Marina, the Marina crew are real nice and in the end they gave us the monthly rate even though we had stayed only 20 days. It was an expensive stay, about equivalent to two months rent back in Texas. The Marina does have much cheaper docks but we wanted electricity and water, thus the high price.


Not a long trip,from north of island to George Town, a little rough, but very very pretty.


These are the moments I dream of a bigger boat, more waterline equals less wave action. I know it doesn’t look too bad, it wasn’t, I’m just sensitive to movement. This would be the same on land, car rides would be just as bad. At least we are living the dream, if I gotta suffer now and then, so be it :-). The big smile on Brian’s face makes it all ok ;-).


Making the cut between Channel Cay and Conch Cay to the east side of Great Exuma (looking north). We now have shelter from the Atalantic and the seas calm considerably.


Lots of rocks/reefs to keep us on our toes. But the water is so clear, most of the shallows and reefs are easily seen. 


 The chart shows this light as: Fl W 5s 11.8m 8M

Shape and Function: Lattice Beacon
Notes: Lattice Beacon
Light Type: Flashing
Height Above Foundation: 38.7ft
Period: 5.0s
Light Color: White.                                                               Which means that the light which is white, flashes every 5 seconds. Knowing the height of the light can help Mariners calculate their distance from the light. The timing of the flashes are used to identify the light, other lights nearby will flash at a different rate. I’m glad we are in the days of GPS’s, chart plotters, and goggle earth!!



Brian looking bad ass in his goatee


This little innocent looking float marks a set of nasty rocks.


Scupper, like his momma, is not loving the wave action.

We decided to stop at monument anchorage. It seems a good spot, good holding, and has great beaches for scupper.  Even though the water was a bit murky I saw a couple barracudas and swimming up to the anchor and back from the anchor a big school of 6″ silver blue fish kept zooming by me from behind. Was really cool. We had to anchor twice as the first drop was at the edge of a sandy patch and did not want to dig in. Second drop was perfect and the anchor buried until all I could see was the tips of the roll bars :-). What a difference in my confidence in the anchor when I dive it and see that it is dug in properly. In Texas, we could not dive the anchor due to dirty murky water. 

And there is the monument:-) not sure what it is about, brian will probably hike up there and get the low down.

George Town across the channel.


The layout of the harbor. The rum line is the general route to the government docks and where we get our groceries and such.



From our anchorage you can see the masts of the boats in hurricane hole #3.

There are three hurricane holes on stock island.

We caught a water taxi to go grocery shopping, Ramone our driver informed us that is was Sunday, everything is closed. So we told him to drop us off at the Chat n Chill over stock island near the entrance to the hurricane holes.

Fun place, good food. We had the pig roast plate. They roast a pig every Sunday.

Seems this is The spot to chat and chill 🙂


Looking into the hurricane hole harbor entrance


We ran into friends from Emerald Bay Marina. That is their boat in the background.

Even though we were dressed for grocery shopping we jumped in the water to chat and chill 🙂

Per instructions from mom ( bearden), a picture of brian and I 🙂

The sting rays are very lovey dovey and rub up against you in hopes for a hand out.

Water was very stirred up with sand as the sting rays swoop and dive around us, so my pics are not that great.

Back to the Taxi to take us home. We used the water taxi as the water can get a bit rough between stock island and George Town.


Inner harbor

Taxi hugged the island all the way back to the boat.

Rain Dog at monument anchorage, Stock Island, Exumas



2 thoughts on “George Town

    • We don’t feed them but I saw another person give some fish scraps. I have to remember that these rays are not the norm. We were in another anchorage, I saw a big Ray and started to swim towards him 🙂 thankfully I remembered before I got too close to pet him 🙂

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