Emerald Bay Marina

Finally, after a week, we get to go swimming!! This beach is right next to the Marina. It was a bit rough which made visibility only about 20-30 feet, but I was so happy to be back in the water. Brian kicked back on the beach and listened to his favorite podcast whiles scupper dug in the sand. I found a bunch of starfish, sand dollars,sea biscuits, and urchins that had washed ashore in the rough weather. Some of the critters were still very much alive!! So I threw them out into the deep water. Even though I threw back over a dozen or so critters,  I still collected about four clearly empty perfect shells and some cool driftwood.  I collect the shells for my nephew TJ and his brother Eli who are as keen about sea critters as I am :-).


So beautiful and fun to swim, will now be a daily ritual. As soon as the motor is back on the dinghy I hope to snorkel north of the Marina.


My handsome man and the sweetest person on earth 🙂


The water is very cloudy so the visibility is not what I’m used to.



The seabed is mostly rock, then turns to sand about 50 yard out.


We had to rent a car to go to the airport to try to find our fedx package. It is nowhere to be found but at least we got to stop at this local pub we have been wanting to try. I ordered the lobster, brian the snapper. The next day we had to rent yet another car to go back to the airport to get our package. After five hours back and forth on the phone with fedx brian figured out that our package had been mislabeled. Fedx in Nassau had addressed a new envelope with the harbormaster’ name on it. Sigh. Well, at least I have enough meds to last me to December, by then we will be back in the states.


Hermit crab on our finger pier 🙂



I’ve been in bed a lot lately due to my darn broken brain. But I did get some bosun’ work done. I covered the dodger grab rails with leather.


I have bulk leather which I bought from Perfectfit.com. I measured the rails, cut the leather, and punched holes for stitching using my sailrite machine. Brian wants me to do the helm next :-). Aye aye captain.


The stitching, which I used dyneema fishing twine, was very uh er..sloppy. If you do what I did in creating the leather strips, be sure to punch the stitch hole as close to the edge while maintaining strength. Also make sure the two sides you are bringing together to stitch are exactly the same ( distance of stitch holes from edge). Hope that helps.


This is a series of pics I took last week during the hurricane prep. We had made a quick run to George Town for provisions.

George Town

Famous Straw Market. We didn’t stop, will see it when my mom gets here.

This is where Brian bought our new a/c unit

 Sorry the blog is a bit discombobulated. I know once everything calms down and we are back at anchor I will get back to taking more and better pics.


Will update with the boat projects that will command our time while at Emerald Bay marina. 


4 thoughts on “Emerald Bay Marina

  1. Hi you guys. We have been following your travels. Hope you are ok. Sounds like the hurricane missed you. But what a lot of work. We are leaving soon for palm latitudes. Hope to see you in November. Love hearing about your travels, projects etc. take care and a hug to scupper. Gail and peter

    • Where are you guys headed for? We plan(? 🙂 ) to be in west coast fla in November and in marathon for the winter . I hope we can see you again. Brian, Scupper, and i miss you!

      PS brian is getting the solar panels back up today, I’ve been revamping the canvas since it is all off.

  2. I can understand you being critical of your own work but I think the leather wraps look pretty good. Nice to know the bad weather went by with little issues to you.

    Take care!

    • Thanks, we have them installed now and LOVE them. Nice grip. Can’t believe how easy it was. I’m going to start on the helm soon. I plan on covering the 10 & 2 sections as it will make identifying the center rudder position easier and where our hands are usually resting. Maybe a Turks head at top dead center, will see if it’s really needed :-).

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