New Friends and a Hurricane

Back at Blackpoint, a huge starfish under our boat :-). This time we anchored right in front of the School, just west of the laundryette, about 200 feet from the shore. This was so we could get internet with our “bullet” wifi antenna.


Satellite pic of Blackpoint. The pin is about where we anchored. Everyday I swam to the rocky shore. I never got on land, just meandered around. I don’t use fins, just a mask. This swim would last about 1/2 hour. I loved swimming so far from the boat and I get braver and braver everyday. Brian was usually down below reading or listening to a pod cast. I didn’t realize at the time but it was a great way to get a little solitude daily. But I was not completely alone, I had a little friend. I wish I would of brought my camera along on my swims as I do not have a pic of him. He was a tiny silver dollar shaped fish with lime green stripe down his back. He would swim with me, out to shore and back, always safely tucked up under my arm or neck. Sometimes on the way back to the boat he would swim ahead a foot or two, as if he was coaching me 🙂 cheering me on to keep swimming when I would tire. He’d escort me right up to the swim ladder and was always there to greet me when I got back in the water. Leaving Blackpoint, I was worried about what would become of him, my faithful friend.


Pizza party aboard Rain Dog! We met this wonderful couple off the powerboat Renascence, Kel and Karen, in Staniel Cay and then here at Blackpoint. They left a day or two after our pizza party. I think they headed north to New Providence due to hurricane Danny. I wish we got to spend more time with them and hope to see them again. Karen presented me with a wonderful boat gift, a candle, some beautiful crystals( smokey quarts) and a small branch of sage to burn. I’m to burn the sage at the next full moon and cleans the boat, along with meditating positive thoughts about my health. I’m excited to do this :-). Brian loves the idea too.

I wanted to adopt these kids! Very sweet guys exploring the world on a shoe string budget. Stevie on the left and John on the right. They had been living in a cave on the island for over 6 months. The Blackpoint community are very fond of them and I can see why, they had such beautiful spirits. Brian made everyone a pizza. His pizzas are to die for!! We had them over a night or two after the pizza party. Brian made them his delicious Mexican Lasagna. I was too sick to even get out of bed, my head has been gradually getting worse. I don’t want to tell my docs as they would probably tell me to come see them. They (doctors) have nothing, and I mean nothing, that could help me compared to what this wonderful floating life does for me every second of every day.


Kerri with Stevie’s backpacker guitar. They sang some songs for us, what beautiful voices and Stevie’s song he wrote was very wonderful. I kept finding myself singing the chorus the next day :-). I wish I recorded it.

John was especially interested in the boating life and was full of questions.  I can easily see he wondering the world in a boat, he had natural born sailor written all over him :-). 

I wish we could of taken the kids on as crew but it wasn’t meant to be. Hopefully we will see them again. Keri starts nursing school soon back in the states 🙂 I can tell she will make an excellent nurse!


Lorain’s Restaurant 


The grouper strips were delicious, company was great too. That’s Stevie, Karen and Kel with Brian. Ida Served us dinner, she looked so tired I had her sit down next to me to tell us about the dinner specials, she laughed but complied. 🙂


Key to great conch fritters is the ratio, 25% conch is really the max for me. These are fantastic!

 Hurricane Danny and the Invest 98 behind it forced us to haul up anchor and head for safe harbor. Stevie is friends with Roston McGregor who has some moorings in hurricane hole #2 on Stock island. Brian gave Roston a call and he reserved a mooring for us. So after a quick trip ashore to say goodbye to the “kids” ( Stevie, Henry, and Keri) we headed south towards George Town. Blackpoint is the first town I was not ready to say goodbye to. 


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