Little Bay, Great Guana Cay



For a couple days we anchored over at little bay. It is just around the western side of north Great Guana Cay.

We took the dinghy and drifted around the rocky shores. Scupper swims with us sometimes, but he mostly falls asleep in the dinghy under the shade of our umbrella.


The majority of the area is white sand.


The rocky shoreline can hold some cool corals and critters in the cave like cutout just below the waterline.


Beautiful shell. I was pretty sure it was home to someone, so I took some picture and put it back in place.

Spotted Ray!! So beautiful

Hard to get a close up of these shy sea anemones. One false move and they recede into their home.

We also hiked over to the ocean side. The island is only 760ft wide at this point.

Atlantic Ocean 🙂

Wild and beautiful

There is a cave here that two guys have been living in for about 6 months. Great guys, very nice, living and loving life.

Not boat friendly waters



Rain Dog, Brian, and Scupper 🙂


Back to the boat.


Back aboard we decide to run over to Blackpoint settlement again for WiFi to make some provisions arrangements

Scupper was rather fond of Little Bay.




2 thoughts on “Little Bay, Great Guana Cay

  1. Glad to see you guys are enjoying the Bahamas! I’m sooo jealous of these pics. I have pics of the same places/things but, sadly, a gopro is not the best camera for detailed underwater shots . . . Oh well. Enjoy the clear water and say hi to Lorraine and Josh for us 🙂

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