Big Major

We head out to snorkel the areas north of Big Major


Lots and lots of shells. We don’t collect sand dollars because I always break them. Seemed a waste to take these beautiful shells just to have them break so we decided Rain Dog was a sand dollar free zone :-).


Lots of conch. We don’t take live shells. Plus I believe these conchs are not of legal size (?)



Heading home.

New neighbors. Owner is a single hander who has cruised the Bahamas for over 14 years. We had him over for Brian’s pizza and had a great chat about good anchorages.

Good day. Good fun. Nappy time :-).


Brian, happy to be taking scupper ashore for a walk

Scupper, with the very same look, happy to be going ashore…two pease in a pod 🙂


We have decided to check out Little Bay around the west side of Great Guana Cay. It’s only a couple miles and is said to have good snorkeling




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