Thunderball Grotto, Take Two

Thunderball Grotto was filmed for a James Bond Movie. It sits between Staniel Cay and Big Major. It is a series of caves, one very large with an open cathedral ceiling of rock and moss.

Thunderball Grotto main cavern is, at low tide, is about 15 feet deep. 


I’m sitting on the bottom looking up through 14 feet of water to the ceiling of the cave.


Thunderball Grotto. I’m hiding the scores of tourist boats all huddled on the other side of the island.



We both thought of Gordo and Karen when we saw this beauty :-).

Brian in the mail chamber that connect


Must come at slack tide. We thought we hit it perfectly, but there still was some residual current. With a few well placed low hanging rocks, this was difficult for me as I have spacial recognition issues.( my internal compass is whacked!)


Swimming into the cave.


Cute. Looking out of the cave.

Brian inside the main cave.


Main chamber looking south. Thunderball grotto

Looking north. The cave has an entrance from the north and south. Yes, that’s the barracuda that harassed us the day before. How’d he know we were here? We decided to go the other way 🙂



The sea life right at the entrance to the cave is abundant, each species of coral clambering to get a piece of the real estate.


So many nooks to look into.

It was weird, as I approached this Brain Coral I could here a voice, like mork from Mork and Mindy. The voice said “take me to your leader” 🙂 a few minutes  later I got into a civilized tussle about a tour boat dropping their anchor 10 feet from this magnificent coral. The kid running the boat looked new. I wish the powers that be would put more mooring balls around the grotto and ban anchoring. Thunderball is one of the areas biggest tourist draw, why risk the health of this incredible place to complete strangers and their big hunks of galvanized steel anchor and chain?


Leaving the grotto, we headed north in the dinghy to scope out a good beach to comb.


Current was a bit confused.



Found a great beach to snorkel and beach comb.


Heading back to Rain Dog after a fun couple hours.



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