Diving For Lost Treasure, Staniel Cay

Docking mishap dislodged our running light. Two parts, the frame and the green/red lens. We waited for low tide and I jumped in to retrieve the parts. I was surprised they stayed in the area, the current can be up to 3 knots. You can see the remnants of the bow light here, also there is a rather large nurse shark meandering by too( right of bow, port side)


Big nurse shark.

Hoping to catch a glimpse of the nurse shark, I brought my camera while I retrieved the broken light parts. You can see it here( dead center of pic), plus a hand held VHF,and other lost items from other boats. 

I found the green/red lens of our light back off the stern. I love free diving and my head seems to be ok with it. A trick I’m doing is blowing out my air as I dive down. For some reason this keeps my intracranial pressure at a tolerant level( go figure ). I have to be careful as I have so much fun down there I forget that my lungs are just about empty and will need air soon :-), I’ve cut it too close a couple times but am getting better at this technique. I’ve always exhaled as I come up (like a diver would) since I was taught to swim, and I was swimming in the waters of Hawaii before I even learned to walk :-).


An old sting ray watched me dive around.

He glided away after a while. Never saw the nurse shark, bummer, but it was still fun. We can’t wait to get out to anchor to do more snorkeling. 🙂


Brian took me to the restaurant at the marina. It was very good and had a nice chat with our table neighbors. One couple was from South Carolina and the other Australia.


Before dinner we watched the nurse sharks swim around the big mega yachts. These yachts have underwater lighting. I want that for Rain Dog :-). Took this with my iPad so very grainy.



Left the marina and are back at anchor at Big Major. Today brian, scupper and I cruised around in the dinghy checking out some snorkeling sites. This pic is from diving our anchor to make sure it dug in well.


Anchor nice and dug in.


Little crab keeping anchor watch for us 🙂 that is the shank of the anchor left of the crab.


This is right off our bow, the shoreline of Big Major.


Big Major.

Ran the dink up around the corner to Thunderball Grotto.


Here you can see our track of the dinghy as we stopped at different swimming spots.


The sun was all wrong and it was slack high tide. But you can see the cave a bit. We will go back at low tide with the sun to our backs..


The corals were dense all around the island but due to the lighting I was only able to catch one good pic.


Barracuda was pretty cool till he got aggravated and chased us a bit. We decided to turn around and let him have that side of the island. He followed us till we got back in the dinghy and drove away. Brian thinks the tourist boats may feed them and he was expecting a hand out. He just looked mad to me.

Brian took us home by crossing over the north side of the island. We can see the Atlantic.

Atlantic. I this that island is Little Major.



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