Big Major and Staniel Cay

View of the island chain on our way to Stanel Cay


Scup can smell the land 🙂

It was getting a bit late so we decide to anchor at Big Major, 2 miles from Staniel Marina. An easy approach with no reefs to contend with.

Our little sailboat is not the norm, big mega yachts are very common.

Pig beach. There are a family, big family, of big pigs. They swim out to greet your dinghy hoping for table scrapes. Everyone feeds them, seems to be encouraged by the locals too. Growing up in Hawaii, I have a big fear of Boars and even though these sweet things are just pigs, I still rather stay away.

There they are, big!



Next day we head over to Staniel Cay Yacht Club

A beautiful Marina and friendly people.


Crazy clear water.




Checking out the town and the grocery stores. As luck would have it, the mail boat arrives tomorrow. The mail boat also brings fresh produce and dairy to the island 🙂


Grey Highway, Staniel Cay.

One of the three grocery stores


Flowers flowers everywhere.



Another grocery store

Too true


Staniel Cay Yacht Club





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