Water water everywhere, and not a drop to drink.

We are on our last 5 gallons of water, sigh, guess it’s time to head into civilization. Our trash is piling up too! One of these bags are from beach clean up.

 We did not leave Nassau with full tanks. The RO water at the last Marina was A little hinky, allowing some salt to get through. It was clean, but had a slightly salty taste. Not wanting to miss the great weather window we filled one tank 3/4 with salty RO water and filled one tank with 100 lbs of ice( good filtered water) :-). This was to avoid a trip north to another Marina. We used the contaminated tank for dish washing )I spray a 100/1 bleach solution on our dishes to dry) and for showers. This did not cause us to hit a marina any sooner but we were a bit desperate the last day or two :-).


We will head south to Staniel Cay, provision. This also puts us around 10 miles from the nearest hurricane hole. Chris Parker predicts a surge of tropical storm activity, but does not think it will impact the central Bahamas. 


While waiting for a weather window to head for Staniel Cay, Brian made a soft shackle bracelet for me :-). I immediately requested an ankle soft shackle:-). Plus he made extra soft shackles to use about the boat. This has about 1500lb breaking strength. He is wearing one around his wrist too    :-). I used mine one day, very handy!


Just so you know, scupper isn’t always a ragamuffin. Here he is freshly washed and brushed 🙂



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