Shroud Cay, Exploring the Northern River


We decided to take a dinghy trip to the other side of the island ( actually it’s a sarena of mural and mangroves:-) )


The satellite photo I saved off google maps came in handy for route planning.


Heading north around the point







Brian navigated the skinny water beautifully. It shallows up to a foot in many places, so he had to tap into his river kayaking expertise for reading the water.


Scupper is enthralled







Beautiful colors show us were the deep water is.


Nearing the Atlantic side of the island.



It’s looking a bit rough..

We timed the trip on a rising tide. We made the trip to the east side much quicker then expected. So we actually hit the eastern mouth to the Atlantic at the height of high tide. So we were greeted with a “rage”. The current was easily 6 knots.

We scoped out the beach and another tiny landing spot but saw nothing that was safe

We anchored for a while but the entrance did not seem to calm down. So we headed back to the western side of the island.

Now this entrance back to the banks is calm and safe. We decide to find a beach to walk scupper and do some swimming.

Not hard to find a perfect deserted beach around here 🙂 this beach was just north of the river.

The colors are unreal.

I jump in the water as soon as my boys are settled with cool water, good seat ( we brought one of our bean bags),  shade, and a book. 🙂

I quickly made friends to play with.

I knew there would be some cool critters around this outcropping, but did not want to swim out of Brian’s sight.

Some of my friends were a bit hard to see.

Some of my new friends were part of a big gang


There was this one fellow that was a bit odd and shy.


But he warmed up to me pretty fast and followed me all around.


Funny how there is so little soft or hard coral growth. The tides here are around 4ft, maybe that is why..?






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