Shroud Cay

Shroud Cay, looking south from mooring field


We dink’d over to a small cove to explore and relax on a beach.

Satellite view of cove.

Nice 🙂

Street art, Bahamas style 🙂 

After a nice walk, Brian and scupper sat down to read and dig in the sand.

It is like a miniature tree, a bonsai:-). I love all the critter tracks.

Mom would love this driftwood for her yard ( mom Bearden)

We can see Rain Dog bobbing on her mooring.

The cove is surrounded by a lush tropical desert

Underwater, it is mostly sand with rock and soft coral.


Cool rock shape


Don’t know if this is indicative to really clear water but the sunshine made rainbow reflections everywhere.


A mangrove sticking out on its own. Good luck little guy!

The waves made cool grooves in the sand

Meanwhile scupper is digging a nice spot to take a nap.

After a good swim, scupper, and the rest of Rain Dog’s crew, zoomed back to the boat.

Checking on the mooring, all still looks well.

Looks very well maintained.

Brian scrubbed half of Rain Dog’s hull.

We are in a no take zone. So I take pics of the shells and leave them in place.




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