Ship Channel to Shroud Cay, Exumas



About 24 miles south of Ship Channel is Shroud Cay.


Sunrise at Ship Channel


Saying goodbye to Ship Channel, good times!

The ride down to Shroud Cay from Ship Channel was very taxing. 🙂

The Boys.

Shroud cay is actual a group of islands with burls and mangroves making up a Salina.

Brain and I agreed that whenever possible we would pick up mooring balls instead of anchoring. Main reason is to lessen our impact on the area by NOT using our anchor. We try to anchor in areas that will not impact the seabed. But, even in all sand, our anchor can leave its mark. So moorings, in good shape, can give us options. This mooring field is $20 a night and well worth it. It is rated for vessels up to 65 feet, so it should hold us just fine. The pay box, which uses the honor system, is on the beach just off our stern. There is also a trail to a natural freshwater well.

When we were in New Providence and had Internet, I took a bunch of screen pics of google map of our potential cruising grounds. I’m glad I did as it was very handy during our route planning. I made albums for each anchorage.

Here is our mooring field.


We are officially in the Land and Sea Park :-).

Beautiful beaches abound. This beach is where the Pay Box is. A set of steps are carved out of the rock leading up to the pay box and a beautiful view.


Rain Dog at Mooring, Shroud Cay.


Shroud Cay


Prince Charming lost his shoe 🙂


Pay box for moorings ($20)



Trail at pay box that leads to a natural freshwater well.




Rain Dog at mooring. Shroud Cay.

Stormy but beautiful sunset.

Time to go exploring



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