Ship Channel, Exumas

Brian and I took scup for a walk on the beach. We then dinked over to a reef up current to Rain Dog. We donned our snorkeling gear, and drifted towards the boat. Sweet.


Total mermaid, always happy to be in the water.


Ship Channel reef. Cool fishes. No internet to look up these species. Angel fish, I believe.




Sargasso seaweed 🙂

Cool little tiny fish everywhere!!


Took the dingy north to explore

To port was a huge sand bar. As we got further north we nearly got caught in a rage. A rage is where the water is very disturbed due to differing currents, changes in depth, and openings to a larger body of water( this case it’s the Atlantic). I did not get a picture of the rage as I was feeling very sick from the long rough ride and the sun. I was able to click off a few of the sand bar.

As soon as we got back to the boat I jumped into the water to cool off and try to feel better. I floated about and slowly my brain began to calm down, works every time. When I get overstimulated it is similar to being on a roller coaster in a dive or loop de loop, all I can do is hang on. We were both surprised how quickly I deteriorated. The brain is a strange beast when it is having issues.  


Ship Channel Island, Exumas. Rain Dog


Brain baked bread!!

Chef approved.

Egg salad for me, Tuna salad for Brian, on toasted fresh bread :-).


Ship Channel, Exumas. Sunrise.




Ship Channel. Sunrise.

We feel very blessed to be able to cruise the Bahamas



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