Rose Island to Green Cay

Anchored out at Rose Island, Brian made some fantastic banana bread!!


Rose Island




Scupper and Erika


Too adorable, must give him kiss 🙂


The Boys.

A northerly set of waves made the Rose Island anchorage very wallowy.

We decided to check out Green Cay about 5 miles easterly. Sailing past sandy cay.


Our route.


We head northwest out of Rose Island till we round the light, then head east for a couple miles to Green Cay.


Green Cay


Green Cay is gorgeous. I saw many turtles while running scupper to shore.

Some cool caves along the southwest side of Green Cay.

Love the clouds.


Great sunset


The beach on green cay is very very nice. Deep till you get right up to shore.


Green Cay is a private island, but the beach up to high tide mark is public access.

On the way back from the beach to Rain Dog I jumped in the water. Brian cut the engine and we drifted while I hung on to the sides of the dinghy checking out the marine life. Scupper is ever vigilant of where Brian and I are at all times, at one point he fell in trying to keep me in sight.

My head was hurting so didn’t get any real good pics of the marine life.

Brian headed to Rain Dog while I played around in the water. I couldn’t dive due to my head pain but it felt good to just float around.

The guy is about 3 feet long. He adopted Rain Dog and was a bit territorial when I swam up.

He is trying to attached to Rain Dog like a sucker fish. I hope our bottom paint doesn’t bother him, its hard not ablative( thankfully). You can see the soft growth all along the hull. It comes off with a little swipe, just haven’t had the inkling to clean yet, maybe tomorrow :-).

Within a couple hours our tranquil anchorage turns into mayhem city!! We think these boats are charters from the big Atlantis Resort on New Providence. The jet skis and run abouts have scared away all the marine life so brian and I decide to spend the afternoon down below. We are starting to see why everyone treks down to the Exumas!!

One more picture of our little scup.



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