Final Days at Green Cay

We’ve had some calm weather settle over us, so we’ve decided to make for Palm Cay to renew our Visa and head for the Exumas


Brian has been baking 🙂 cinnamon rolls from scratch, yum.


Sunset with some big thunder clouds.


Scup playing in the sand.

He started to nap in the hole he made.

Brian and I drifted from the beach back to the boat. We hang on to each side of the dinghy and enjoy the currents slowly pushing the dink along. Scupper hangs out in the dinghy, I use my sunshade umbrella to keep him cool. He jumps in every once in a while so we must keeps close eye on him.


We saw turtles grazing on sea grass( no pic) and a big shark that could possible of been a great white( brian saw him).


Some cool corals.


Monday. I’m too sick to do much. I developed a head pain yesterday and it is pretty exhausting. So today I rested and just swam from the boat for a few minutes, took some pics, then back to bed. Kind of a bummer as we are surrounded by incredible reefs just waiting to be explored. Thankfully Brian is happy to just lounge and read. He had a bit of a bug for a couple days but now seems to be completely over it :-). 

Not sure what this was but it was so colorful, thought it would make a cool pic.

That is our rudder!! We picked up some kind of plant in marathon and its thriving in the warm waters of the Bahamas. We were going to scrub at anchor, but will just hire two kinds at the marina to clean, they do good work and it’s nice to give them the business.



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