60 More Days!!!!!

Our taxi driver is married to the immigration officer we needed to see to renew our visa! We actual first went to the wrong office ( cruise ship terminal). We had parked our rental in a car park and was standing outside the immigration office( the wrong office for visa renewal) trying to decide if we should walk or take our rental to the proper office. A taxi pulled up and asked if we wanted a ride. Figuring it would be simpler to catch a taxi to the downtown immigration office instead of driving we accepted. When we explained to the taxi driver what we needed he chuckled and said, you need to see my wife!  Wow! What a God moment. Our driver whisked us up to the third floor ( visa renewal), introduced us to his wife who got our paperwork all sorted, and our driver even waited for us. Everyone was so nice and polite and the best part is we got a 60 day renewal!!! We love the Bahamas!


Nassau was much nicer then we expected. Very safe and clean.

Beautiful statue with plaque in honor of the Bahamian Woman. Very cool.

The Bohamian Woman statue.


I spy street art!

Lunch at The Poop Deck. Unfortunate name, delicious food 🙂

We took the scenic route to and from Nassau.


6 thoughts on “60 More Days!!!!!

  1. Glad you’re having fun. Miss your family at Boot Key Harbor. Love the blue chair. I didn’t realize how nice and comfy they are. Wow! Thanks again
    Scratch Scupper’s head for me.
    Safe Travels
    Carolina and RAy:)

  2. Love all the pictures and updates – brings back very happy memories as we got married in the Bahamas many moons ago. Really hope your head pain has settled down. You really give us leakers hope to see what you and Brian can do now. You’re both awesome and Scupper is film star gorgeous! Hope your next 60 days are blessed with great weather and you get to visit that island inhabited by pigs who swim out to greet visitors – have read its in the Exumas – sounds like fun. God Bless and thanks so much for sharing. Lisa

  3. I am elated to see you guys having fun and doing so well!! LaHa misses you, lots of changes since you left. Tony and I are getting ready to liquidate and move to Kauai; should be able to leave by December. Take care!

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