Fanal Days at Marina, heading to Rose Island

We have decided to head back to Rose Island or onto Green Cay( just east of Rose). I got very sick coming down from Rose and I just seem to get worse the longer we stayed here at the marina. I have begun to suspect that I’m relapsing but this started with coming to marina, being on land. Brian even offered for us to head home ( I was so sick) but I LOVE this life, WE LOVE this life. So if I gotta pay a price, so be it. Hopefully I go back to my usual low grade symptoms when we get back to anchorage. There isn’t a good weather window in sight for Exhumas and Brian is curious about Eleuthra, we can make for that easier in this weather pattern heading over the north ridge of the bank.  So we will meander over to the northeastern tip of Eleuthra, take on a pilot to transverse the Devils Backbone and explore the beautiful bays. We can renew our Visa there, hopefully get 60 days instead of 30. Nothing is written in stone, we may decide on the Exhumas before Eleuthra..who knows! In the meantime, we hope to get back to anchorage as soon as the weather calms a bit, we are shooting for Monday. We both do so much better at anchorage, and for me, I can get in the water anytime which really seems to calm my head pain, nausea, vertigo etc. the only downside is no internet :-). But, thanks to Brian and Chris, we can get weather and are able to even get email. 


Nice marina, nice folks, very few cruisers, mostly locals owned boats

Club House where we get our internet. Get view and breeze. Brian was able to play online bridge with his buddies, a weekly ritual when we had Internet all the time.

Club house has a computer with printer.

The channel to the Marina splits to port and starboard. We believe the starboard channel is entrance to a canal system for the home owners of Palm Cay.

Brian and I keep meaning to have a picnic at the great gazebo.

Love the trees.

Different tree! Why the trunk does this I just don’t know.

Fuel dock is right at the entrance. They have ice and water too.

My boys 🙂

Sunset, Bahamas style 🙂

Full moon 🙂

The Scupmeister.



3 thoughts on “Fanal Days at Marina, heading to Rose Island

  1. Our prayers and hope are with you and Brian.

    We are still stuck here in Pirates Cove, near Pensacola. Love this place, but new island is getting old. Myrna fell and cracked the fibula on her left ankle five weeks ago. No pins or screws needed. Need two more weeks. We are still aboard though.

    Love your photos

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