Setting the anchor



  Video on Power setting the anchor. 

The vid is not complete, the first few seconds are missing and the final dig in wasn’t captured either. When we make for Rose or Green Cay, I will make a better vid showing the effects on the anchor ride at 1600 RPMs, 2000RPMs, and 2600 RPMs. Will try to show how the rode is effected as well as the anchor. The rode didn’t even budge at 1600, let along tug at the anchor.

Will also try to post a snubber vid. If we get some winds that will trigger the snubber( usually above 25-30), and safe for me to get in.


What the anchor looked like before powering down

Anchor dug in after powering down.


Day 3. Rode is dug in. Anchor if at the bottom of the pic


Snubber. This is at West Bay anchorage. The snubber bungee distorts under very little load. Will need to try other options for energy absorption in a short snubber. The snubber is 3/8 three strand with a dyneema tail( boat side). We need two more snubbers, a big storm snubber and a short snubber that will handle general use(<30 knots)



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