Rose Island to Palm Cay Marina



Our route to Palm Cay Marina.


We love the Bahamas, love the people and the anchorages.


Night shot. A big storm passed through last night at 1 am. Wind shifted to a northerly direction which put us on a lee shore.


The pass to head south from Rose Island to Palm Cay.

All sorts of boats running about.

Rose Islands eastern tip



The pass is to the right of this reef.


That is Nassau off our starboard quarter




Our track into the marina.


At one point the chart did not match what we were seeing. So we relied heavily on our eyes and the depth sounder. Active Captain had a blurb about getting in and Brian called the Harbormaster to double check the approach strategy. Brian also had the iPad blue charts pulled up while I used the Chartplotter at the helm. Due to the rough weather that churned up the sand and clouded the water, it was a bit difficult to read the different shallow areas. For example, 15 foot depths looked very similar to 8-10. The wind and current had us going at least 5 knots turning into the marina, even though I had the engine throttled way down (just enough to keep good steerage).


In the slip, whew. Was a bit rough and we were a little stressed from the approach. But Brian and I worked like a well oiled machine, working together navigating and docking.

We have water at the slip!!! No electricity, we don’t need it, but we were on our last couple gallons of water and all jerry cans were empty ( this does not include our emergency water supply).So it feels quite luxurious to have water on demand 🙂 giggle. BTB- My hatch scoop invention failed in the keeping things dry mode 🙂 so our vberth was soaked after a big wave crashed over the bow. But my hatch scoop scoops wind like no other! So we are still happy with it. I don’t see any alterations I can make to improve the ability to have the forward hatch open while making passage.

Harbormaster requested we pull in bow first. We had the wind to our backs, gusting about 25 knots.

We headed for the marina office and then over to the restaurant. I had a fantastic chicken curry( like my dad used to make). Brian had a Fish sandwich. The fish was called Marian..? It was light and flaky. The marina is very nice with a club house on the second floor above the restaurant, a beach, a very nice pool, and lots more. The marina is located on a resort condo facility, so lots of services. We have use of a curtesy car too. Tomorrow we will go provision. Today is laundry day.

Mr. Magoo

Happy Schmoopies.



Sunset at Palm Cay Marina

We love this Marina. Water at dockside( luxury!!). Wifi and a cool club house. Plus it has a pool and its own beach :-).



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