Palm Cay Marina

It’s been two months since we’ve stayed in a marina. We are pretty glad we picked this one.


The Marina is located in a residential area. Very quiet, nice people. It is the cheapest marina too. Lots of construction going on so we assume the prices will skyrocket when all the work is complete.

Looking out the channel, Exhumas are about 28 miles southeast.


Time to provision. We don’t need a lot. Last time we provision was 2 weeks ago. So just going to get some fresh meat, milk, eggs, half / half. Marina provides a free curtesy car( 2 hours). Driving was easy since we are in a residential area, very little traffic, nice roads.


Guard Gate. There are many Condos and homes enclosed in this gated community.


Bus stop??


Great grocery store about 5-10 minutes from marina. Prices didn’t seem too bad, fruits, veggies, and meats were about the same price as in the U.S. There was a frozen Mrs. Smith pie for $12.00 :-).



Made Brian Pull over several times to take picture of the gorgeous flowers along the way home.



Not sure when we will head for Exumas. I was pretty sick coming over from Rose Island so I’m determined to wait for calm weather. Will need to stay around this area until we renew our visa which expires in 10-12 days. So may go play around Rose Island and Green Cay( east of Rose). Some locals said Green cay was their favorite and most beautiful anchorage.

4 thoughts on “Palm Cay Marina

  1. All of us back in Seabrook are so happy that you made it to the Bahamas. The pictures are beautiful. You’re living the dream!

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