West Bay to Rose Island


Leaving West Bay, this little line got caught around our prop. We had just raised the anchor and I was steering us away from some shallow water and rocks. The transmission started to whine and knock real loud. I immediately threw the engine in neutral and Brian dropped the anchor.  I dove in the water to make sure the anchor would hold( we were not in a good place, very close to rocks on our lee). As I got in the water Brian asked me to look at the prop, sure enough, rope was wrapped around the shaft/prop. Brian dove in to cut us free. We checked the transmission and the bilge, no water ingress. I tried the engine in reverse and it worked! Tried in forward, worked too! So brian hauled up the anchor. I steered us to the middle of the harbor in case we needed to drop the hook suddenly. After a few minutes the transmission was still working fine, engine oil pressure, heat, everything looked good. So we made for Rose Island. Whew! Dodged a bullet. 

Our route( roughly) took us over New Providence. We stayed well clear of Nassau. Brian was able to sail over half way there.


Pretty straight forward approach, but lots of reefs.


Our anchorage. The water is deeper than charted. We have 12-14 feet. It is deep right up to shore.


Rose Island


Rose Island was bought by a big hotel. They even dredged a channel for Marina facilities on the south side, but the project went belly up.

Tucked safely behind the reef, nice view off our stern.


Well protected, great beach, good holding.


As soon as we got to our anchorage and Brian dropped the anchor, I dove in the water with Brian taking over the helm. Love being able to dive the anchor, takes all the mystery out of dragging.



As I swim up I see the achor, it is sitting on top of the seabed, not dug in. I tried to dive and position the anchor better but my head exploded at about 12 feet. The water here is about 13-14 feet deep. I’ve been diving 10 feet easily with no pain. But I didn’t want to push my brain so just had Brian back down on the anchor at about 2600RPMs



After brian backed down on the anchor. Anchor nicely dug in. We can sleep well tonight!


The seabed is sand with coral heads and reefs scattered about. There are no coral heads or reefs in our swing room.



Scupper went crazy on the beach, off leash.

Nice quiet anchorage.

Next day. Weekend hits and the hoards invade!!

Jet skies everywhere!

Our anchorage got real popular, real fast!

From what I can tell, most are locals, students from the sign on the big tour boat, enjoying their weekend.

Like kids in America enjoy their hot rods, these kids race and do stunts in the jet skies.

This jet ski was doing donuts in front of this moving parasail boat( no parasail in the air). The driver didn’t seem to mind. 

As crazy as it was that day, it was hard to begrudge anyone, they were all laughing and having a blast, no one got hurt, beach was clean after they all left :-).

Cool row boat.

Monday proved to be nice and quiet, with only a few tourist boats. So the fish came back to play.

I live in the water. But I tire so easily! Very frustrating but Brian says I’m getting stronger. I don’t take the dinghy to shore, I swim to shore :-). Brian is working on the boat, reading, and watching scupper. We can only swim one at a time cause it stresses scupper to be alone on the boat, even if we are within sight.


Barracuda. Was very protective of his little spot so gave him a wide berth when he showed signs that I might be bothering him.

South side of the island was pretty sweet. Too rough to snorkel though.

Brian. So happy and in his element :-). My sailor man! We need to head for a marina to do some laundry and fill our water tanks. We both are dreding going to a marina. Hopefully, we can get what we need done in a day or two.



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