West Bay, New Providence

Rain Dog sitting at anchor at West Bay, New Providence.

We are looking very hillbilly, but hope to have the boat clean and decks clear within a few days.

Brian, always smiling 🙂



A big cat pulled in today. Turns out they are from Kemah, Texas. It was  David and Amy  aboard Starry horizons. Nice couple!! They brought the boat over from France , spent a few months outfitting her in Florida, and are now cruising the Caribbean :-). Wish them great adventures aboard their beautiful boat.


Sunrise in West Bay. This bay is so pretty and there is a faint floral scent in the air. Crazy but true! 


Brian and I tried to see the park rangers HQ but was too far for me to walk in that heat. So we just meandered down a road and took a small trail back to the boat.

West Bay. The pier is not complete, you must jump down into the sand, about 3 ft, to get to land. the local kids love to jump off the pier, so be careful of swimmers if you use this as a dinghy dock.


Thunder storms to our Southeast.

I don’t rave about Brian’s cooking enough. Here he made homemade tortillas with melted Colby jack cheese ( quesadilla). His tortillas are AMAZING! I have requested a sopapilla for desert night :-).

 We are headed to Rose island, north east of Nassau. We will spend a couple days there then head over to a marina for a couple days of cleaning, laundry, and shopping. 


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