Gulf Stream Crossing To Bimini

Piked up a mooring ball on Sombrero reef. We still needed to get the boat stowed and in ship shape.


Of course, we needed to play a little too 😉 Brian.


Chris enjoying Sombrero Reef.



Rain Dog at Sombrero Reel mooring


Boat is shipshape, time to go to the Bahamas


Wind on the nose, so it’s motoring for us.


Sunset at sea, Gulf Stream .


Long night for Brian and Chris. I relieved them just before sunrise


As usual, I took over 120 pics of this sunrise!

Ships began to pop up


Party central. There were easily, two ships on collision course with another four to watch. All going every which way.

On watch. 🙂 just kidding!! I’m on watch and Chris caught some Zs after we were clear of traffic


Brian checking out Chris’s awesome camera



Few squalls here and there


Q flag up.

Chris navigating Rain Dog on the approach.

Entrance was Everyman for themselves! Some passing to port, some to starboard.

Blue water Marina up ahead to port, after the garbage ferry.

JR at blue water brought us our paperwork. We headed to the air conditioned office to fill out all the forms, but the clerk running the office told us to go sit out in the patio(it was so hot outside, no breeze!)

Captain heading out for the customs and immigration

Chris was looking a bit shady, so they only gave us a 30 day visa. Thanks a lot Chris:-)

Beautiful osprey(?)

Osprey hunting around our boat.


All checked in with our lousy 30 day visa. After checking around, this seems to be more common, the 30 day visa. We came to Bimini because we understood it would give us better odds for a 90 day visa, no. Going to hit the town for lunch

The boys get food while I hit the beach and played in the water.

Headed back to the boat after the black flies made it impossible to eat.

Headed out to anchor after being at the dock for only a couple hours, we were feeling crowded and stuffy in port. This is MUCH better 🙂

Anchored at the north point, Bimini

There was some sandy patches, but we still dropped on the hard Lyme seabed. But the weather was calm and boat was happy to sit at chain

Sunset in the Bahamas


North Bimini, west side. Landfill with trash burning. No stink, but a bit of smoke.

Sunrise. Heading for NW light, about 50 miles across the Bahamas bank.

I love clouds 🙂

Our track. Will anchor off the channel near NW light. Then make for West Bay, New Providence. Chris will hop off and head home from there. 😦

 Will update as soon as I can…..


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