Bahamas Bound

Whipped up a last minute cover for the jerry cans on deck. It covers four( 3 diesels and 1 urine jerry can)


I had already packed away my sailrite, so I used HH33 glue. This glue will actually weld the vinyl together, no need to stitch.

Brian and Chris making a provisioning run. Chris just arrived from California to help us with the crossing. This gives me the opportunity to not have to take a watch if I’m not feeling up to it. Hopefully my broken brain won’t complain too much, the weather window for crossing looks good:-).

Gotta have the monster toilet paper order from Amazon!

Almost ready, or rather, departure day is coming fast and the boat is a mess of provisioning and last minute projects.


New moon crazy low tide, looking out into Hawks channel, Atlantic


Now you can really see where the shoals are..


Great sunrise for departure day

Ospreys hunting around are boat

I think this is a sign of good luck 🙂



Brain a little stressed trying to get everything ready by Thursday( today!!). I refuse to leave on Fridays, it is bad luck in sailor lore. So leave today or leave Saturday…..hence the stressed look as he peers at his crazy wife 🙂


We slip the mooring lines and are on our way!! Boat is not sea ready, need to stow things proper and re run our jack lines. We will anchor outside the harbor, two miles down the road, and in the morning make a run for Sombreo reef. We will finish the boat out there, and do a little snorkeling on the reef 🙂 This makes our departure on Thursday, not Friday, thus appeasing Neptune , crazy wife, and ensuring a nice safe passage with a shipshape vessel.


Chris 🙂

Handsome hubby 🙂


Enjoy our last sunset in the keys for a while.



And there she goes…

Will update as much as possible….


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