Gearing Up For The Bahamas

Scupper peeking out the stern


Working on a new windscoop. Wanted something that could convert into a rain awning.

Done, took way too long, but it works marvelously!

I added reflective material to increase our visibility at anchor.

Takes less then a minute to convert to rain awning.

The clasps sewn on each perimeter clips to the inner clips (folds the extra sunbrella) I need to adjust it a bit so the awning goes all the way to the deck. In very heavy rain I would take the forward(top point) down to the deck. But in a steady drizzle this position works great. Hatch is wide open with a good breeze coming down.

Made a new trash can for the head. Snaps to the bulkhead and can be closed for showering.

Bean bag dog bed for scupper šŸ™‚

I rigged a quick release for our permanently mounted swim ladder.

Just yank down on the green webbing that trails the boat. Took a while to figure out the foolproof way to attach the Velcro release strip. But beware, the heavy swim ladder will come crashing down on you! I’m very concerned about that, in an emergency I can easily see forgetting this and being knock out by the ladder. I may rig a fender for the ladder to drop on. Then have quick release to get the fender out and ladder drops, completely deployed. Sigh. This would complicate the simple design, which is never good in a safety gear system.

We added AV foam to the cockpit. Easier on our bare feet.


Two layers of foam for comfort. Not very pretty but our feet don’t care about the esthetics šŸ™‚

Our compost bucket. We will strap to the stern and put our table scraps in here. Paper will be separated for burning, plastics go to the dumpster or recycling with the glass and cans.

Cool sunrise. Was crazy crazy red/orange/gold. Took a hundred pics of this but I will spare you and only post a few šŸ™‚


Some cloud pics. Think this was a sunset..

Not a breath of wind on this morning. Hot hot hot! We need to get to the Bahamas!

These folks were using their bimini as a sail to get back to their boat.

They have a trolling motor for steering. Genius!

My handsome hubby šŸ™‚

That’s his thinking look :-).

Brian does all the cooking. This night was homemade pizza. Crust was amazing, fresh mozzarella, basil, garlic, and tomatoes, lightly sprinkled with olive oil. Yum!!


This morning I wanted a BIG breakfast šŸ™‚ yum!!!


Brian running about. We are almost down to a dozen projects before departure latter this week.

 We decided to subscribe to Chris Parker weather router. With it being hurricane season and we will be in new cruising grounds, it seemed like a good idea. 

We will make for Bimini from Marathon. Then on towards the Exumas. We will have Internet 50% of the time (hopefully) so will try to update as much as possible. We will buy a SIM card for Brian’s phone in Bimini, so will be able to call family when we have a signal.

Hugs to all. 


2 thoughts on “Gearing Up For The Bahamas

  1. Do you guys know you can make free wifi calls on Facebook Messenger. Don has been calling me from Spain almost everyday.

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