Latest From Marathon :-)

Underseat storage I made needs more pockets and easier access to items inside.


Forgot to mention in my canvas post earlier this week, I’m sewing with the monster wheel on my Sailrite LS-1. No electricity, all hand cranked stitches :-). I haven’t had electricity for the sewing machine since Fort Meyers..I think we had electric hook up in Key West for a day or so, but I don’t think I was sewing. I can’t say it’s much different, hand cranking vs electric crank, the stitching is more precise with hand cranking. Hand cranking does take longer, but I really kinda prefer it. 🙂 I would love a foot crank so I have both hands free, but just don’t see how to rig that.

I added a zippered access to front and aft of the underseat Storage. I used the old zippers taken from my mom’s cushions aboard Tigger. Zippers taken off the salon cushions many years ago, and have been sitting in my bag o tricks just waiting for a repurpose. They are YKK or KKY? Very good quality. Anyways,  Tigger Sailed round the world but I doubt these zippers will see that many miles again 🙂

The canvas is from my scraps bag. This bag has tons of canvas I’ve saved over the years, plus my mom’s stash which she gave me when my Parents moved off Tigger

The aft access. I added a sunscreen section and a bit of webbing to secure items to. 

The reflective tape I added to the dinghy webbing. Also a soft shackle, which is very handy in the dink. Brian was looking for our dinghy in the dark, he said the reflective tape really jumped out among the rows of inflatables at the city dinghy dock. 🙂 

Cool boat at the Dockside Restaurant in Boot Key Harbor. She is flying the Navy jack. ( stern flag, blue flag with all stars) At least it was the navy jack when this vessel was in commission. Interesting Factoid- Now the Navy is the only one who doesn’t fly the Jack. The navy changed their flag to the “Don’t Tread On Me” flag after September 11th.


Brian took me out to Dockside Restaurant for a fancy sit down meal, In our bathing suits,with our dog. Perfect :-).


It’s starting to run like clockwork, t-storms every afternoon.

Makes for beautiful sunsets 🙂


We are making for the Exumas, hopefully that is. We have a good friend who is trying to fly out to help brian with the crossing. I was pretty useless last time, my brain did not like the gulf even tough it was gorgeous (!!) weather.


We have marked some good hurricane holes, but will get more when we are able to grill the locals.



One thought on “Latest From Marathon :-)

  1. I tend to like hand cranking on my Sailrite too for the control. Sometimes, it feels like the foot pedal goes too quick. Maybe because I’m still new to it.

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