On Or About June 6


 I solemnly swear (or affirm) that we, the undersigned, are married to each other by virtue of the following facts: On or about ___June 6th_________ we agreed to be married, and after that date we lived together as husband and wife and in this state we represented to others that we were married

Brian and I had planned to be married on November 5th 2011. When I became sick we decided to bump that day up a little sooner. So we marched over to the courthouse and declared we were married. Above is an excerpt from out Texas Declaration of Marriage. On or about this day, back in 2011, I was already married to the Love of my life 🙂 


Brian designed my engagement ring, a good friend who works with custom jewelry found an artist that made this ring. A mermaid with a black pearl. 🙂 the most beautiful engagement ring in the world.


 I made a vid a couple years ago while I was battling my illness. I’m working on a new one but will be a while due to the great IPad crash of 2015



I love you, my wonderful husband 🙂




11 thoughts on “On Or About June 6

  1. Happy Anniversary!

    I’ve been following the two of you from the forums (SN/CF) since early 2012 when I bought my Nor’sea 27. You two have been through a lot and great to see you two still going strong.

    BTW, that is an awesome ring.

  2. You are so right Erika, your ring is awesome as are you both. Thank you for sharing your adventure and life.

    Myrna & Earl
    S/V “ROSA”
    Pirates Cove
    Elberta, Al.

      • No we have not had the pleasure yet. Sent you something earlier when you were in KW. At that time we were in Pass Christian Yacht Harbor.

        We so enjoy your blog. Many blogs out there. So many try so very hard but few ever reach the level you two provide. Obviously something very special going on here. Thank you.

  3. You guys are a wonderful couple. We wish many more years to come. I guess we won’t be meeting up with you for the east coast. Maybe when we get back to Marathon/Bahamas we can catch up. . .

  4. Many Congratulations to you both!
    What a beautiful and fitting engagement ring.
    Thanks so much for sharing on your special day.
    I’ve been following your journey Erika ever since I suffered a csf leak last year and came across your posts on csfleak.org.
    Still leaking and flat on my back so your travel updates and photos bring much joy while I wait for the next epidural blood patch.
    God Bless you both and big cuddles to Scupper.


    “May the breeze that carries you on your journey be a gentle one” – Motzart, Cosi fan Tutte.

    • Thanks! I need to update my broken Brain Page, so much has happened. My leaks were finally under control when the doc at Baylor put me on a ICP lowering med( diamox). This is after dr schavink said no to this med. I had no high leak symptoms but the Baylor doc had a hunch that my pressure was fluctuating. When my ICP increased after a patch, I would blow the patch. Diamox kept my pressure down, it’s a wicked bad drug, ugh! But I slowly started to heal.
      Anyways, I’ll pray your leaks heal soon :-).

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