Revamping Blog

I’m trying to update our blog. Brian added a Tag Cloud, and I’m trying to bring my Broken Brain page and Composting Head page to a workable layout. I think the only way to do that is to make the pages their own blogs..? So things might be a bit hinky for a while but I think it is important as so much has changed about our dry (composting) head and my broken brain.

Anyways, hope all is well

Scupper with his little pink tongue, so cute. He sticks it out when really sleepy/sleeping.

Ran out Sister creek with some friends, Ellen and Bob aboard Shibumi, a pre pacific seacraft crealock 37.

Sister Creek meets Atlantic πŸ™‚

Brian and I with Ellen and Bob at Sombrero Beach

Neat-o reef at Sombrero beach. Lots of critters in the rock.

Cool moon

I was sitting in the cockpit when Brian came out and said “cool sunset”. Hard to believe I almost missed this, so absorbed in a book!

I put reflective tape on the stanchions, bow sprit, and monitor wind vane. The two stripes of reflective tape on the mast was put on about 6 months ago.

Also attached reflective tape to motor cowl and spots along the webbing. Hard to see, my flash light was too bright πŸ™‚

Brian does all the cooking aboard Rain Dog. His omelettes are amazing! My favorite is his mushroom omelette. That is fresh mango too, yum!



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