Canvas Projects and Scupper Harassing the Locals

Canvas and some odds and ends pics. These may be out of order and some a couple weeks old. 


Here is the old windscoop.

New, West Marine windscoop. I added grommets to the outer hem to help keep the scoop open while our boats hunts from side to side at anchor.

I used some scrap vinyl as backing plates for the grommets( both sides, 2 backing plates per grommet) . After install I sewed the perimeter of the vinyl.

Brian ran scupper to shore for a walk. On the way back in the dinghy Scupper took three huge strides and a flying leap out into the water towards a couple passing in their dinghy. Thankfully Scupper wasn’t hurt. After he jumped, Brian called his name but scupper just swam towards the couple in their dinghy. The poor couple, who was rather far off, didn’t know what to do, do they stop? And risk getting bitten by this demonic dog? Or run? They stopped their dinghy, but was clearly apprehensive :-). Brian caught up with scupper, who at the very last second turned around and was making for Brian. Very strange behavior. Scupper can get into these fits( like a tantrum) when he around dogs, but he has never jumped into the water before, and the couple did not have a dog aboard. Life jacket is required for scupper now and he must sit on the seat when boat is moving.

Here is the tree the Land Crab(s) live under. There was a macerated coconut nearby :-).

Again, here is the crab. That hole is easily dinner plate sized.


Fitting and refitting the new underseat storage I’m sewing

And of course the tears stage of the project when I make a mistake and must rip out all the stitches…sigh.



The zipper blew out on our jib bag. I fixed the zipper and renew the old seams. I also added about 6 inches to the bag. This allows the bag to be longer, flatter, and can get the sail a little more out of the way of the windlass( by moving the bulk of the sail aft). To extend the bag I removed the circular aft section



Removing the aft section of the jib sail bag.

The added canvas sewn onto the aft part of the old jib bag. I did not have navy canvas so I used a scrap of  linen Sunbrella. Brian is mulling over wether to get roller furling so I did not want to spend money buying all new canvas.

Done. It’s not pretty but it does do its job 🙂


This houses our foot pump for the dinghy. Again I used scrap canvas, webbing, and even some thread. My stitching on the front is abysmal but I refused to fix it. It’s a pump not a Tierra 🙂



I lined the outer edges of the carpet with scrap Sunbrella. I also added some Velcro to keep carpet in place


Some pics from Tarpon Belly.


Bunch of pics of Scupper

Scupper enjoying the bean bag.

Nice sunset in Boot Key Harbor

The boys resting from a long hard day of work. One was harassing the locals, the other installing solar panel 🙂


Brian bought me a air cooler. You pump it up, turn it on, and it mists the air. Can drop the temps in the cockpit by 5-10 degrees!! He wasn’t sure if it was a gimmick, but thought to try it and surprisingly it works.

Our latest awning(midship) arrangement. We like this the best for wind capture down into the boat. But it has not been tested in a hard rain yet. It is about 8×8, with the aft end flat on the cabin top. Our huge 12’x14′ awning is too heavy (18oz vinyl) and not suitable for summer as it captures the heat. Thought to have it for a winter cover and rain catcher but it takes up too much room and we plan to never be in winter climates again. So I will either give the big awning away or chop up for other projects.


Boot key harbor.



My hubby peeking out the galley port as I motor back to the boat :-).

I got nothin.


Not only are the speeding, in a floating home, through a sensitive manatee area( idle speed posted) but they are towing a few kids in a big inflatable, dog almost falls off the back, and the forecast was 7 foot waves outside sister creek in hawk channel. Cannot wait for the crazy holiday weekend folks to get back to landlubbering. 

Moon woke me up last night, so bright.


Because I cannot choose which pic to post…

I’ll post all three 🙂



2 thoughts on “Canvas Projects and Scupper Harassing the Locals

  1. We had our awning made with Phifertex in the center. Use your awning. Just cut out the center six inches from the edges and sew the Phifertex for a new center section. Use the removed center material as doubling. Not good for rain, but it allows heat to rise up and away. Much cooler in hot weather. It cuts about 80% or so of the sun (or there abouts). We had extra Phifertex so we made a side shade to put up on the sunny side during sunup/sundown. Allows a breeze through but blocks out most of the sun’s rays. We used clips to attach. Easy to put up and take down. Ken

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